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Welcome to a gentle, experiential journey into the magic aliveness that is YOU.

Many of us move through life living from our heads, from our conceptual filters, holding ourselves as separate beings. In this Day of Embodiment we invite you into a fuller and more intimate experience of yourself. 

Though the workshop is free, you must register in advance to receive the event materials and login information.

Time of Workshop:

Saturday, November 14, 2020
10am - 2pm MST

Workshop Length:

240 min

Duration of Workshop:

4 hours

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Workshop Description

Our four presenters draw on a variety of practices — gentle movement, breath, dance, art, meditation — that help you see through the mind-body dichotomy. Each session will illuminate different facets of you and will invite you into the exploration of your embodiment as a living investigation. Learning to inhabit your body with nonjudgmental awareness, you’ll deepen access to your innate healing intelligence as well as your aliveness and joy and interdependence with all of life.

No prior experience with embodiment practices is necessary. We trust that you will learn something useful and, in the process, we hope to make it fun.

How can you benefit from the workshop

With the ever-changing stresses in life, Covid-19, working from home, financial challenges, homeschooling and more, our day of embodiment will give you:

  • Tools to find personal calm
  • Awareness into what your body is feeling and how to manage it
  • Discover new ways to deepen the qualities of groundedness
  • A new awareness towards healing from trauma and stress

Workshop overview

Shannon SimonelliMoving Imagination and Your Inner Life
With Shannon Simonelli, Ph.D., ATR at

Learn to access your own moving imagination and better understand the messages from this embodied, imaginal resource. This work brings congruence to the nervous system,  and offers a deep sense of healing, calm and clarity. Bring your awareness to what is moving in you and let your movement metaphors unlock your inner life…maybe you need more space, perhaps full permission from your feet to be where you are, or support to dance at your edge.  Discover the moving images of your Psyche or Soul through this embodiment journey.   This imaginal process will be a fun, gently facilitated musical moving/dance journey, art making and reflection to invite more coherence in your BodySpirit system.

Sarah HubbardIntroduction to the Realization Process
With Sarah Hubbard, Ph.D. at

The Realization Process, developed by Judith Blackstone, is a path for realizing undivided fundamental consciousness as your innermost nature. It’s a path for realizing yourself as the embodiment of presence and openness. It’s a path for feeling more at home in your own skin, more connected to yourself and to others. It’s a path that cultivates deep awareness and healing from trauma. In this session Sarah will guide you through several gentle meditations foundational to this path.

Carol LessingerThe Somatic Experience of Softening Your Learning Edge
With Carol Lessinger at

A Learning Edge in movement is the place where you feel stiff, strained, or stuck. It might also be an indicator of stuck-ness in other aspects of your life. To become aware of your edge and to move past it is the content of this segment of the Embodiment Workshop.  What is asked of you is to be gentle and slow enough in your actions to bring the learning edges to light. Then you will be given a way to compassionately move through them easily and with grace. Carol created this process through her own experience of somatic awareness.

Carl RadkeGrounded and Spacious
With Carl Rabke at

In this workshop, through movement and stillness, we will learn to deepen the qualities of groundedness and spaciousness, both in how we sit in meditation, and in how we move in the world. For many people, staying grounded and open has been even more elusive with the challenges of these last months of pandemic.  In this workshop, we will explore how our embodiment, how our connection with the ground, the Earth beneath us, and our access to spaciousness, can provide a refuge in challenging times. Not in a way that bypasses the challenges, but in a way that deepens our intimacy with life, as it is, and offers resources for showing up whole-heartedly. We will explore how the sitting posture of meditation can help deepen access to those qualities, and how that posture can be more aligned, comfortable, and natural than we ever imagined We will alternate between sessions of sitting meditation and guided Feldenkrais movement lessons. Movement and stillness, each deepening and enriching the other. The movement lessons are specifically designed to support more comfort, ease, alignment, naturalness and embodied presence in the sitting posture. Whether you sit in a chair, a kneeling bench, or on a cushion, whether you are new to meditation, or have practiced for 40 years, regardless of the particular meditation tradition, these lessons can change the ways you sit in meditation.


We here at Jung Platform want to make these programs available to anyone. If you would love to participate yet can’t pay for the full course, then please send us an email at [email protected] and describe why you feel you qualify for a scholarship, how much you can pay, and what you will do to help the Jung Platform promote this and other programs.

The Jung Platform Guarantee

If once you have started the course, you feel that it may not be for you, you are welcome to cancel at no cost and get a full refund one week after the course starts.

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