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The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.
– Carl Jung –

We are excited that you will be joining us for our ‘Call & Purpose’ Summit. With this Summit, we aim to help you discover deeper who you were born to be, how to respond to the call of your own destiny, and how you can make sense of your personal journey.

We will explore the teachings and techniques of 12 experts from different traditions who will guide you on how you can recognize the call, respond to the call, and live your purpose. You can access the full schedule, the profiles of our faculty, or detailed descriptions of each session here. Alternatively, download the PDF schedule using Step 4 below.

What to Expect

In the weeks leading up to the Summit, you can expect emails from us providing you with helpful information related to your calling and the Summit.

On Summit days (May 19-22, 2021) you will receive a daily email, an hour or two before the first session goes live (9 am Pacific Time). This email will include your direct links to the Summit sessions for that day. 

We will release three sessions daily in hourly intervals (9 am, 10 am and 11 am PT). If you miss a session you’ll have 24 hours to catch-up using the same links.

Let's Get You Summit Ready

Step 1: Check Your Email

In the next couple of hours, you’ll see an email from us ([email protected]) in your inbox. If you don’t see this registration confirmation email, check your spam folder. If the email doesn’t appear in either folder within 24 hours of registering, you can contact our support team here to ensure you get onto the list.

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Inbox filters and auto-sorting algorithms sometimes hide important emails. Adding us to your contact list will see to it that you receive all the important Summit information we’ll share, thus ensuring you get all the info you need to enhance your Summit experience.

Step 3: Save The Date

Mark May 19-22, 2021 in your calendar or simply click the button below to save the date.

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Step 4: Download Our Summit Schedule (PDF)

Our line-up includes something for everyone and is now available in a convenient PDF. Simply click on the link below, download it, and mark all the sessions you plan to attend.

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