It’s time to learn to read the Tarot through a Jungian lens…

Jungian Perspective on the Tarot

A 5-class course that fuses the teachings of Carl Jung with the Tarot!

Discover how to use the Tarot as a tool to facilitate your inner work,
tap into the unconscious, and deepen your intuition.

Curious about all things intuition, divination, and individuation?


You’re in the right place.

According to Carl Jung, the purpose of all inner work is to further the individuation process… in other words, to become more whole within ourselves and connected to a sense of meaning and purpose.

If you’ve found yourself seeking answers to questions like:

What would it look like for me to get this job or this house?
How can I move forward with my career?
Should I be in this relationship?
What blind spots am I not seeing?
How can I be kinder to myself?
Why is this happening to me and what does it mean?

Tarot can be a powerful way to receive guidance about the past, the present, and the future.

Your own psyche has a continuous flow of images, and what the cards spark in you can be highly illuminating.

Imagine being able to:

  • Learn about the Tarot through the lens of Jung’s structure of the psyche
  • Use Tarot spreads to read the conditions of the present moment so that you can better predict the future
  • Tap into the hidden messages of the unconscious and build a meaningful relationship with your inner world
  • Gain awareness of your defense mechanisms so you can break down resistance move with the flow of life
  • Enhance your discernment and deepen your intuition
  • And so much more!
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You’re invited on a beautiful inner journey…

Jungian Perspective on the Tarot

A 5-class course that fuses the teachings of Carl Jung with the Tarot so that you can use it as a tool to facilitate your inner work, tap into the unconscious, and deepen your intuition.

It’s time to take a tour through the world of Tarot!

When we consult the Tarot, we are consulting a very organized, very ancient set of symbols that have been worked out in many cultures through many centuries

Whether you’re learning the Tarot for the first time or have dabbled before and want to dive deeper, this course will give you a powerful new relationship with the cards. 

What makes this Tarot course so unique is that it provides a structure for learning Tarot that aligns with both spirituality and psychology. 

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By the end of the course:

  • You’ll be equipped to do a mini Tarot reading for yourself or others
  • You’ll have gained an understanding of the Jungian model of the psyche and how it connects to Tarot 
  • You’ll be able to use Tarot in your coaching or healing work
  • You’ll understand how to read the cards as a tool for your own inner work
  • You’ll have learned a new skill you can use for the rest of your life!

Fascinating, enjoyable and a great intro to Tarot for both skeptical and open-minded people.”


  • You’re curious about the Tarot and want a cohesive structure to learn to read it 
  • You’ve dabbled in Tarot and want to learn how it connects to the psyche
  • You relate to Jungian philosophy and would like to learn about Tarot in that context
  • You’re looking for a way to gain deeper insight into your inner world
  • You’re interested in the intersection between psychology and spirituality and how to apply these concepts for personal growth
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Your Tarot adventure begins today.

“Ken James was absolutely phenomenal. He knows the material so well, explains it so well and from the get-go I could use the skills he taught.”

Ken James


Kenneth James, Ph.D. is a Jungian Analyst, Master Tarot Reader, and teacher who has led workshops around the world on the relationship between divination and synchronicity, and on the use of the Tarot to explore the unconscious. 

Ken received a Ph.D. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders from Northwestern University, a Diploma in Analytical Psychology from the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. He is the founder and director of The Soulwork Center, dedicated to facilitating the process of individuation through Jungian teachings.

Ken’s studies of the Tarot began at an early age when he was introduced to the notion of divination by an elderly aunt from Scotland who read tea leaves. 

In this course, Ken synthesizes Jungian concepts with Tarot to give you a fresh perspective on individuation and divination. 

Explore the unconscious. Deepen your intuition.

An excellent entré to using the Tarot for personal reflection and meditation that supports your own work of individuation – especially if you are looking to develop your vocabulary of symbols and sensitivity to intuition.”


What is the difference between the Major and Minor Arcana? What do the Pip cards represent? How does the Tarot correspond with Jung’s model of the psyche? And how do you lay down a Tarot spread and learn to read it?

All this and more will be covered in 5 easy to follow, hour-long sessions. 

Classes are provided as video or audio recordings that you can access at any time through The Jung Platform. 

Take a look inside the course to see what you’ll learn!

Class 1:  The Tarot and Jungian Psychology: Connections

Explore how the structure of the Tarot deck aligns with the structure of the psyche. Learn how the layers of psyche (ego, personal unconscious, collective unconscious) correspond to the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and other subdivisions of the Tarot deck. 

Class 2:  Using The Tarot To Work On Oneself

Explore various ways of employing the Tarot to do inner work. Consider the Enactive and Receptive modalities of Tarot work and begin an introduction to pathworking. And examine the relationship of the Tarot to Jung’s concept of synchronicity.

Class 3:  Using The Tarot To Enhance Discernment Of Personality, Typology, And Life Situations

Next, take a deep dive into the Court Cards as well as the numbered (“pip”) cards. Discover how the Court cards depict different aspects of personality and typology, and how to use The Pips will be explored as a means of understanding both the challenges and gifts that are inseparable parts of everyday life.

Class 4:  Reading the Tarot: Part One

It’s time to learn how to do basic readings! Learn how to formulate a question or intention for readings and how to properly query the cards, as well as how to arrange the cards into “spreads,” including the “Yes/No” spread, and the “Past-Present-Future” spread. 

Class 5:  Reading the Tarot: Part Two

Learn two new ways to do readings with the “Overview-Challenge-Action” spread and the “Celtic Cross” spread. Discover how to construct narratives of insight based on the cards that appear and the question or intent brought to the reading. PLUS! Learn how to work with dreams and memories to gain deep insight. 

BONUS: Mini Tarot Readings!

Watch Master Tarot Reader Ken James hold mini-readings for students in the class to gain insight and deepen your understanding of how to read for yourself and others.

Ready to take a Jungian lens to the Tarot?

“The best Tarot Course I have ever taken. Not only did I learn Tarot, but it opened my mind to many other connections.”

“This course is the piece that you are missing in linking the spirituality of Tarot to individuation.

“I found this course incredibly helpful and nothing short of amazing.


All of our courses are covered by the Jung Platform Guarantee: If once you have started the course, you feel that it may not be for you, you are welcome to cancel at no cost and get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.


What level of experience with Tarot is required for this course?

All levels are welcome. Whether this is your first taste of Tarot or you’ve been throwing cards for awhile, the intention of this course is to bring you new insights through a Jungian lens. 

What is the time commitment for this course?

The course is made up of 5 classes that are about one hour in length, and the exercises provided are an invitation to spend a few minutes per day deepening your relationship with the cards and your intuition. You can watch the classes any time at your convenience and spend as much or as little time engaging with the Tarot as you choose.

What if I decide the course isn’t for me?

All of our courses are covered by the Jung Platform Guarantee: If once you have started the course, you feel that it may not be for you, you are welcome to cancel at no cost and get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. 

It’s time to tap into the unconscious with Tarot.


“Excellent course. Insightful and interesting. I enjoyed it and learned from it. Highly recommend.”

“Ken James was so articulate and organized. He was so well-spoken, clear and accessible.”

“The subject material, the breadth and depth of it was top quality, even for experienced Tarot practitioners.”

“I’d recommend this course for people no matter what your experience with Tarot is. Ken offers some fresh ideas plus reinforces what is traditionally taught when it comes to Tarot and its use. His explanation of synchronicity and how that relates to divination was especially resonant for me as someone who felt it but did not have the words to describe it.”

“I loved learning specific spreads and having demonstrations! Also talking about the different ways to look at each suite including typology.”

“Ken was great at guiding us toward our own conclusions.”

“I enjoyed the reflections of Jungian ideas and the Tarot and the way that was presented. Also, the focus on ‘seeing’ the cards intuitively instead of going directly to interpretations was done very well. Generally, I enjoyed the structure of the program. At the end I felt excited about delving more into the Tarot as a vehicle for developing both a deeper intuitive relationship with my interior world and some ideas of how to use my personal image-making to create art pieces that reflect what speaks to me in exploring these things.”

“The lectures were engaging and informative. I learned so much from them and also the readings.”

“I love how prepared Ken was. He had awesome powerpoints, knew his material and was so helpful. This wasn’t an off the cuff course, it was well-planned with a lot of experience. Awesome presenter!”

“The content was presented in a practical manner for learning. I appreciated the development process used to educate about the Tarot and how to use it.”

“Ken James was personable, invitational and full of information.”

“Really enjoyed Ken, the teacher’s style and pace – how his lessons and points flowed and built on each other. I also liked his balance between fact and intuition and the homework exercises to make it real for us – which I’m still doing daily!”

“It was an excellent way to learn to use the Tarot as a stimulus for accessing what’s inside your own psyche.”

A deeper relationship with your inner world awaits.