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Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives
for your Personal Journey.

Inspiring Teachers

We carefully select our faculty members. They include some of the most soulful, embodied and respected teachers in their fields.

Practical Guidance

We ask our teachers to provide examples, exercises, tools and companion guides where possible. To help you implement the insights into your daily life.

Facilitating Connection

We aspire to help you connect deeper with yourself, with fellow participants, with faculty members and with the Other World.

Latest Articles

The Nocturnal Therapist: Turning Toward Our Dreams

Dreaming is therapeutic. Is there a way to make it more so? Unequivocally, yes. Much like therapy, the more we invest our time and energy into our dreams, the more helpful they will be. This is not a new idea, but one that is gaining a broader spectrum of supportive evidence, moving beyond clinical case studies to include the realms of neuroscience and traumatology.

COVID-19: Our Frankenstein Monster?

Mary Shelley’s story of Frankenstein is a psychological primer on how we make monsters. The interaction between Victor Frankenstein and the creature he makes enact this drama. Like a mirror, the monster reflects Victor’s horror of his dream to be a new god who would erase death from life.

Loneliness in the Digital World

Loneliness in the Digital World

Today we are webbed together in virtual space and time as we sit at our computers. But are we alone together, apparently connected but haunted by a sense of isolation? Do we suffer from terminal identity, a felicitous phrase that not only describes our sense of identity in the digital world, but also suggests that there might be something more pernicious about this phrase, something terminal about our addiction to the terminal?