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Early Bird Sale Codependence; How to Identify and Heal
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Swamplands of the Soul

There is a recurrent thought that the goal of life is to achieve happiness. Yet our own psyche frequently derails our fantasy and pulls us under into an emotional swampland. It is in such swamplands where the soul is fashioned and forged, character is tested, and values enlarged beyond the ego’s limited purview by the soul’s agenda.

4 Class Live Course
Early bird Sale From Surviving to Thriving

From Surviving to Thriving

This course is about the rebirth of the Future—it’s time to shine. Join world-renowned Jungian analyst, Robert Bosnak, as he will show you, after a year of shattering, how we can let ourselves thrive. He does so by providing an alchemical perspective on this rebirth of the Future.

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Introduction to Synchronicity

Jung’s writings on the concept of synchronicity are some of the most exciting and most easily misunderstood aspects of his theory. Join Ken James in this examination of Jung’s ideas as he will reveal that synchronicity, for Jung, is the key to discerning the paradoxical unity of psyche and matter.

6 Class Course
4 Class Course
5 Class Course

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Early Bird Sale Introduction to Individuation: Anima/Animus
Early Bird Sale Growing up with narcissistic parents
Video & Audio Lecture

Introduction to Individuation: Shadow

The shadow is one of Jung’s most important contributions to psychology and personal development. Find out why it’s important to engage with shadow, and why ignoring or repressing the shadow doesn’t work in the mid and long term

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We carefully select our faculty members. They include some of the most soulful, embodied and respected teachers in their fields.

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We ask our teachers to provide examples, exercises, tools and companion guides where possible. To help you implement the insights into your daily life.

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We aspire to help you connect deeper with yourself, with fellow participants, with faculty members and with the Other World.

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Fairy Tales and Jungian Psychology

Fairy Tales and Jungian Psychology

Since the beginning of time, we have looked up at the stars and wondered. Big questions came to mind; how was the world created, what is our place in the universe, are we alone in our struggles, can we improve our relationships? We told stories around a fire to share our concerns, visitors recounted theirs, and we passed them down to our children.

The Successful Man and His Feminine Erotic Soul

The Successful Man and His Feminine Erotic Soul

In the modern world, men are expected to achieve outward “success.” You may feel that success means a good career with recognition for your accomplishments and financial reward, a family, and a network of friends. I imagine you have worked really hard at whatever path you have chosen and still put in long hours. If that traditional path has not been yours – my message still applies – there is still a cultural pressure to have “exterior success” that determines your self-worth.

The Paradox of Love

The Paradox of Love

In reality, the English language has only one word for love. Borrowing from Greek, we see that the words, Eros, Philia and Agape help in the expansion of our consciousness about different aspects of love. If nothing else, we discuss that love exists in the unity of a plurality of feelings. There are many aspects of love and yet paradoxically, there is a unity in the diversity of the several aspects.