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Tending the Dream Image

In this course, we explore effective and practical processes for harnessing the healing and creative power of dreams. This beautifully produced, step-by-step course assists you in relieving pain, reclaiming your purpose, and reaching your soul’s potential.

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Introduction to Individuation: Shadow

The shadow is one of Jung’s most important contributions to psychology and personal development. Find out why it’s important to engage with shadow, and why ignoring or repressing the shadow doesn’t work in the mid and long term

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Sale Rumi - Ecstatic love poetry
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We carefully select our faculty members. They include some of the most soulful, embodied and respected teachers in their fields.

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We ask our teachers to provide examples, exercises, tools and companion guides where possible. To help you implement the insights into your daily life.

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We aspire to help you connect deeper with yourself, with fellow participants, with faculty members and with the Other World.

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Hero to Elder: An Archetypal Shift

Hero to Elder: An Archetypal Shift

As millions of Baby Boomers choose not to merely grow old but to grow whole, to intentionally step across a threshold and become an Elder, we discover that aging can be a spiritual path. Its foundation is described in every spiritual tradition as ego transcendence, a shift in identity from a separate sense of self to a universal sense of inter-connectedness. Read More.

Exploring Individuation with the Tarot

Exploring Individuation with the Tarot

I hear you asking, “A Jung Platform course on the Tarot? Isn’t that fortune telling? What next, tea leaves?” My only response: perhaps!
Among the many orthodox and heterodox psychological concepts that Jung explored, divination and its companion, synchronicity, are part of the Jungian canon. Rather than being surprised at this, it is helpful to see Jung’s wide-ranging interests, including not only divination but also alchemy, flying saucers, and discussions of religion, soul, and spirit, as a testimony to the power of Analytical Psychology as a discipline as well as a therapeutic method.

Why Alchemy

Why Alchemy

Many people have asked me over the years why I always keep returning to alchemy. What is it about alchemy that fascinates me so much that I have been studying it for 50 years now? Whenever I am faced with life’s unsolvable problems I go to alchemy, in the way Freud said somewhere that he would always return to dreams when in a conundrum.