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What is Jung Platform?

Jung Platform started with a night-time dream to create a solid space where quality depth psychological insights, spiritual wisdom and like-minded individuals meet.

Since 2011, Jung Platform has become a worldwide respected educational institute on Jungian psychology and other depth psychological perspectives. We have produced several hundred classes and courses, and have had participants from over 60 countries. Currently, an enthusiastic and dedicated team is playfully working to bring you great programs to support you on your own journey.

What is our purpose?

Jung Platform aims to provide you with quality depth psychological perspectives and tools that will help and enrich your own journey, and help you make a contribution to the world you live in.

We want to provide you with perspectives, tools and a platform where you can deepen your relationship to soul and spirit.

When we relate to and embody the Other World we live a more inspired, colorful and magical life. We are more in concurrence with the nature of our souls and with life itself. As a result, we feel more deeply integrated and woven into the fabric of our surroundings.

What we do

At Jung Platform, we are creating Jungian, depth psychological and spirituality related content by bringing together great teachers. We then develop programs which offer insights that are relevant for our world and which are accessible to a worldwide audience. We also provide temporary platforms of connection. These help participants and teachers to connect and engage, but also help course participants to connect with each other. Through our content and offerings, we aim to offer you unique insights, support and practical guidance for the journey of life.

What sets us apart?

Quality & Multiple Depth Psychological Perspectives

We aim to bring you quality teachers, quality insights and quality products. All our products are in the depth psychological tradition, and we bring you multiple depth perspectives. Depth psychology is any psychology that takes into account the unconscious – or in indiginous terminology – the Other World.

Inspiring teachers

We carefully select our faculty members to include some of the most soulful, embodied and respected teachers and luminaries in their fields.

Practical guidance

We aim to provide you with perspectives and tools that you can implement and integrate into your own life. Therefore we ask our teachers to always provide examples, exercises, tools and companion guides wherever possible.

Facilitating Connection

We aspire to help you connect with fellow participants, with Jung Platform faculty members, more deeply with yourself, and with the Other World.


We invite you to think and muse along with us to give form to the Jung Platform. We will proactively reach out and ask for your input. Where you feel inspired to do so, we welcome your input and feedback. If you have thoughts and ideas for teachers, topics or content, do connect with us. With your contribution and support you are building Jung Platform along with us.

The Jung Platform creation story

It all started with a night-time dream Machiel Klerk, the Founder of Jung Platform, had.

 “I am floating about 100 feet above Lake Zurich — or at least this is my viewpoint. I notice Carl Jung’s house on the edge of the lake. His house has a backyard with a dock that connects the yard to the lake. Then I see a square, concrete platform attached to the yard and the dock.

 Jung is working there (he seems to be in his late 60’s or early 70’s). He re-arranges some beams on the platform, which creates a structure. This structure creates sections on the square, that result in smaller intimate areas where people can do different things: sit, read, have conversations, etc. Then Jung sits back in his chair, reading a book. 

At that moment, the image stops — like a frame from a movie being paused. It transforms into black and white, and both Jung and the platform disappear. A voice behind me says, “You must draw it identical to how it was”. The thought crosses my mind that I can’t really draw, and yet I find myself with a pencil in my hand. I sketch a line and it is straighter than I thought possible. Then I wake up…” 

Machiel takes this dream as a suggestion to build a platform for Jungian and post Jungian psychology.

The Team

Machiel Klerk

Machiel Klerk

Founder & Dream Builder

Machiel is a licensed mental health therapist, international speaker, dreamworker and social entrepreneur.

He has been a therapist since 2006, and currently has a private practice in Salt Lake City. Machiel has traveled extensively to South Africa, Europe and North America to give lectures and workshops about dreams. He has written many articles on dreams, released a CD about dreaming titled Rumi and the World of Dream and also developed a course on Dream Incubation for Jung Platform.

Machiel is fascinated by healing traditions and has studied many of them. Because South Africa is his country of birth, he is especially drawn to African healing traditions. He was initiated into this tradition in 2016 when he became a healing diviner. 

Machiel founded the Jung Society of Utah as well as the Jung Platform as a result of a night-time dream. He now spends most of his time building on his dream of the Jung Platform. He has received several awards from his local community for these contributions. 

Akke-Jean Klerk

Akke-Jeanne Klerk

Co-founder & Imaginative Thinker

Reading Jung at age 21 was a life-altering experience for Akke-Jeanne. Led by Jung’s writings she found her sense of home in an animated world that was deeply meaningful to her. It was an unknown world that had been waiting for her all along to engage with it. Ever since then, she has remained eager to continuously learn more about this mysterious side of life, while exploring ways to experience and embody it fully.

When her brother Machiel came up with the idea to create Jung Platform, it immediately sparked her imagination. The Platform would allow further education in a field she was personally passionate about, and would allow for connecting with like-minded others. Most importantly, she felt it might inspire others to also find their place in the world through content that can help them to connect with the imaginal realm.

At Jung Platform, apart from daily management tasks, Akke-Jeanne assists in identifying and developing courses and programs. She also supports Jung Platform’s Teachers with fine-tuning their modules to ensure that our programs are always practically grounded and integratable. 

Dominique Forbes-Rose

Dominique Forbes-Rose

Soulful Marketer

Dominique became aware of Jung’s teachings in her late 30s when she started dabbling in dreamwork. She eventually connected with Machiel and Jung Platform through a series of synchronistic events. Her true journey with the power of depth psychology started after a personal trauma in 2017. Due to her work with Jung Platform at that point, it was the most natural decision for her to start working with a Jungian analyst. From there, she’s experienced it as the most soulful dive into the world of psyche, dreams, alchemy, ancestors, and collective healing. Knowing the power this type of inner work holds – and being able to witness how the content on Jung Platform supports others on their journeys – brings immense purpose to her own life. 

For 20+ plus years she worked with some of South Africa’s most reputable corporate, consumer, lifestyle and non-profit brands and helped a number of international brands launch into Africa. Having specialized in corporate communication and brand reputation, Dominique loves that her past experience can add a bit of alchemical magic to the work we do at Jung Platform. She is also a yoga therapist and enjoys exploring how the fields of yoga and psychology can be integrated for healing.

Brandt Botes

Brandt Botes

Creative Director

After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Stellenbosch, Brandt worked at some of the foremost ad agencies in Cape Town, South Africa before opening his own design business, Studio Botes. Over the years, he has been recognised by The Art Directors Club, The Type Directors Club, The One Show, Cannes Lions, The Clio’s and The British Design and Art Director’s Club. Brandt has also judged The Art Director’s Club of New York award show as well as local award shows in South Africa. Brandtʼs work process involves entrenching himself in the clientʼs business – understanding as much as possible about what they do as well as what they really need – thereby solving the problem at hand while considering the bigger picture. He prides himself in creating communication that is conceptually driven, visually bold and impactful. Brandt never stops thinking about design. 

Kath Botes

Katherine Botes

Creative Director

Katherineʼs diverse experience has seen her working as an Art Director and manager of creative teams in top ad agencies, as Creative Director of a much loved South African decor magazine and also directly in-house as part of the marketing team for a multi-national skincare brand – one of the world’s fastest growing skincare products. Kath is a creative who prides herself on accessing both the left and right brain, and who feels that the combination of a conceptual approach and a strong strategic perspective is a winning formula. Given half a chance Kath will direct your photography, typesetting, copywriting and possibly your life! 

Kath and Brandt are the Creative Director duo and husband and wife team who are responsible for Jung Platform’s new branding. Accolades and experience aside, their finest achievement to date are their twin baby boys. Find Brandt and Kath at studiobotes.com

Susan Mann

Susan Mann

Educational Development Manager

Susan is a writer and a teacher. Her interest in depth psychology comes from a love for mythology, dreams and the imagination, as well as a fascination for the creative possibilities that exist within the shadow. She obtained an MA in creative writing at the University of Cape Town, and completed a graduate course on Joseph Campbell at Pacifica University. She is the author of two novels. Susan has written blogs for the Jung Platform for several years, and is our Educational Development Manager.

Amanda Butler

Amanda Butler

Newsletter & Writer

Amanda is a member of the Jung Platform newsletter team. She is a marriage and family therapist intern, and enjoys working with couples and individuals in psychotherapy. As a freelance writer and editor, she specializes in the topics of psychology, spirituality, and creativity. She has a Master’s degree in English from Utah State University and is currently enrolled at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the Counseling Psychology program.

Andrew Potter

Andrew Potter

Website Designer & Developer

Andy is a digital creative with over 14 years of creative experience in digital design and front-end development. His core skills range from conceptualisation to UI/UX design and front-end development – with a broad knowledge of all things digital. He’s worked for some of the most effective creative agencies (like BBDO) where he’s been involved in the strategy, ideation and execution of digital campaigns for brands around the world. In 2016, Andy co-founded a digital agency called Hey Guys! in South Africa, and services companies and brands worldwide. Find Andy at heyguys.digital

Mauritz Badenhorst

Mauritz Badenhorst

Summit Manager

Mauritz entered the world of marketing as a copywriter in 2002 and immediately transitioned into account management services in the advertising industry where he managed to work on brands like Nokia, Vodacom (Vodafone), Siemens, Telkom and Eskom to mention a few. Delving into the client side of the marketing process he was appointed as Senior Brand Manager for Nando’s International to assist with the facilitation of sustainable and profitable businesses across the South Asia and Africa regions through active marketing support and consultation. With a love for solutions and designing efficient processes and systems, he thrives when he can apply his creativity and experience to address business challenges in collaboration with people and teams who want to make a positive impact. Balanced people are happy and productive people, therefore Mauritz tries to balance his life through yoga, acting, dancing, writing, a good book or socializing with friends.