John van der Steur

John van der Steur

John van der Steur was born in Belgium as the son of a Dutch father and an American mother. He was raised in the Netherlands and currently lives in Austin, Texas. He became interested in Jungian psychology and typology in his twenties. His interest in typology is reflected in the organizations he has founded to date. Currently, he is the Founder and Principal at Polarity Consulting, LLC (founded 2014) and was also a Founding Partner of Insights Benelux (started in 2002). For more than 30 years he has studied the practical application of Jungian psychology and typology.

As an expert in personality types he has facilitated hundreds of corporate and sports teams, and thousands of individuals. His experience with commercial organizations include companies like Nike and Heineken. As the mental and team development coach for the Dutch national hockey team, he helped them win a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

John is the author of The Power of Polarities: An Innovative Method to Transform Individuals, Teams, and Organizations (2017) and First, Know Your Self: A Guide to Discovering the Power of Your Personality (2018).

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