Welcome to the Finding Guidance Summit

We are excited you will be joining us for the Finding Guidance Summit. We have created this summit to help you Find Guidance for your life journey. We live in a responsive universe, and we explore with 14 excellent thinkers and teachers how to read the world we live in for guidance. 

Our wish is that this summit will deepen your knowledge and give you practical tools to find, receive and trigger guidance. 

We are excited to inform you that the summit will feature names like Michael Meade, Monika Wikman, Thomas Moore and many others. 

To make the most of your summit experience we’ve included some practical tips and preparations below. 

What to Expect

In the weeks leading up to the summit, you can expect emails from us. 

On summit days (Aug 1 – Aug 3, 2024) you will receive a daily email, an hour or two before the first session goes live (9 am Pacific Time). This email will include direct links to the summit sessions for that day. 

We will release four sessions daily at 9am PT/noon ET. If you miss a session you’ll have 48 hours from the release date and time to catch-up using the same links.