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Evan Turner

Evan Turner

Evan Turner is a writer, consultant and certified Enneagram teacher based in Nashville, TN. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is currently pursuing her master’s in clinical counseling at William & Mary in Williamsburg,Virginia. 

Evan has served a diverse range of populations including Fortune 500 companies, law-enforcement agencies, ex-military personnel, and the incarcerated. She is a board member and adjunct faculty member of The Narrative Enneagram, a widely respected educational non-profit founded 35 years ago by David Daniels, professor Emeritus of Stanford Medical School and his colleague Helen Palmer, a distinguished voice in the field of human development. 


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The Wisdom of The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a dynamic human development system, perhaps the oldest in history, believed to date back to the late 4th century. As the Enneagram suggests, our personality-driven patterns and habits prevent us from contacting a deeper experience of ourselves and others. In developing greater awareness of these patterns, and through the conscious and consistent practice of relaxing our inner resistance, we learn to cultivate a deeper quality of presence.