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J. Tamar Stone

J. Tamar Stone

J. Tamar Stone, M.A., is an internationally recognized psychotherapist, consultant, consciousness teacher, senior Voice Dialogue facilitator, and the originator of The Body Dialogue Process. She is the creator of Selves in a Box, a psycho-spiritual card deck and Guidebook inspiring the interactive exploration of the Selves. Tamar is also the author of the Body Walk Meditations CD. She is the daughter of the re-known co-creator of Voice Dialogue, Hal Stone.

Tamar maintains a client base which consists of individuals, couples and professionals who are seeking a deeper, more fulfilling sense of self in relation to their inner journey, purpose, life work, relationships, and physical body.

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Articlesby J. Tamar Stone

The Essence of Your Inner Critic

The Critic evaluates your inner and outer landscapes. It propels you to take action with respect to your body and overall health, money, career, or relationships. Your Critic is very vocal in enforcing the rules of your early institutions, including family, church, and school. It is committed to your success by ensuring that you fit in.

The Art of Consciousness

The Art of Consciousness

Living within us are a myriad of Selves, each with their own interests, thoughts, feelings, opinions, and energies. These Selves or aspects of our consciousness, greatly influence our lives and the choices we make day-to-day. Voice Dialogue, which is based on the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego Process, is a technique for giving voice to each of the Selves.’ How do we honor each Self for the unique value it brings?

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