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Karen Wallace

Karen Wallace

Karen Wallace, M.Ed, BCATR, is an expressive art psychotherapist, writer and teacher. She works to combine the mythic poetic world of tarot, poetry, and art with the world of psychology, trauma theory, and embodiment. She has authored articles, conference presentations, in-service workshops, and books. Karen is the author of There Is No Need to Talk About This: Poetic Inquiry from the Art Therapy Studio and co-author with her spouse Patrick Lewis of Trauma Informed Teaching through Play Art and Narrative (PAN)

Karen offers trauma informed educational programs for schools and institutions to help teachers and other professions help reduce the trauma of the children they work alongside. She has a private practice and has 25+ years working with complex trauma, addictions, loss, grief, and abuse through clinical experience in community mental health, schools, group homes, social services, and in private practice.

Karen has taught at several other art therapy schools and universities throughout Canada. She supervises therapists and counsellors across Canada including being the clinical supervisor for counsellors and youth workers in Shibogama First Nations in Northwestern Ontario.

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Articlesby Karen Wallace

Leaping With the Fool Archetype

One of the most important tasks of the Fool is to learn to leap. When we look at a tarot deck, we see the Fool standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to leap. Leaping is no small feat. But without learning to leap we become fearful. We stay stuck in situations that we outgrow, stay with people that limit us, and environments that no longer inspire us. Leaping means we stay alive and awake in the journey of becoming.’