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Leigh Melander

Leigh Melander

Leigh Melander, Ph.D. has a doctorate in cultural mythology and psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and has a background in writing and the performing arts, marketing, and strengthening communities nationally and internationally. She served as a board member for the Joseph Campbell Foundation and on the academic advisory board for  Spring Journal, was featured on the on the History Channel as an expert on myth and story, and hosts the Myth America podcast. She was the founding editor of the Joseph Campbell Foundation MythBlast essay series, and has been published in Spring Journal, the award-winning Routledge International Handbook of Jungian Film Studies, and is the author of Psyche’s Choice: The Frivolous Revolution. Leigh works with individuals, communities, and organizations to imagine past what they think as possible at Spillian: A Place to Revel, her regenerative center for imagination and creativity in the Catskills in New York.

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Living Mythically: Opening Imagination

If we learn how to gaze into myth, into metaphors, into archetypal ideas, we can glean extraordinarily rich insights about our own lives and the world around us. If you tell a mythic story, hear it, taste it, revel in it, it will reveal what it is about for you in that particular moment. Every time you brush up against a myth, a metaphor, an archetype, it will tell you something different.