Qi Zhang

Qi Zhang is a leadership consultant, an executive coach, an entrepreneur, and a mother of two sons. With a great understanding of Chinese wisdom, Chinese medicine, Jungian depth psychology, and group dynamics, she masterfully connects Eastern and Western philosophies. Qi’s expertise lies in merging the timeless wisdom of the iChing (Book of Change) with personal and organizational development.

As the visionary behind iChing Compass and iChing Well, Qi provides tools and resources to empower individuals to unlock their inner potential and catalyze positive life transformations. She is also the founding director of Bridge & Enrich Consultancy, collaborating with corporations and prestigious business schools to craft leadership programs.

Her journey with the iChing began in her youth when she embarked on a cross-cultural odyssey for her Master’s studies. The Book of Change became her cherished “home root,” gifted by her uncle. Over the years, through the alchemical process of consulting the iChing and applying its wisdom to navigate life’s twists and turns, Qi discovered a profound connection to her heritage and the transformative power of this ancient wisdom book.

Courses and Lecturesby Qi Zhang

4 Class Course