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Len Worley

Len Worley

Len Worley received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology in 1981 and has worked as a psychologist, marriage & family therapist, and Rolfing bodyworker. He is the founder of EvolutionaryDreaming.com, an online resource to educate therapists and the public about essential investigative tools of dreamwork that keep the potency of the dream alive. He has written, directed, and produced the film, Dreaming to Heal PTSD and Moral Injury, and has authored How to Complete a Nightmare: Responding Creatively to Disturbing Dreams.

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Why Most Dreams End in Obscurity

For decades, I was enamored by dreams and faithfully recorded them, hoping for insight into what they were attempting to tell me. But, most of my dreams remained elusive in meaning.This changed at age 39, long after I had earned my Ph.D. in psychology. I was fortunate to find a gifted dreamworker who opened the astonishing world of dreaming to me. Here I share a few insights that have rescued my dreams from falling into obscurity.