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Learn why things chase us in dreams. Face what you’re running from, complete your nightmare and begin your healing.

Although it is terrifying, your nightmare can show you what’s missing in your life. It also holds what you need. Approached with the right tools, what’s haunting you can start to help you. Dreamworker Dr. Len Worley has those tools. Len shares how three simple keys to dreamwork can deeply touch your soul.

In this course you can sense, not just hear, how dreams bring new life. Even nightmares. This course will let you get a feel for how dreams can spark vital life changes.

Learn with Len how a bad dream may bring you just what you need.

Number of Classes:

3 Classes

Class Length:

30 min

What you will receive


3 Video & 3 Audio recordings


Handout: 4 step method ‘Image Rehearsal Therapy’


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Course Description

In this intimate and concise course Len Worley inspires us to face what we fear. Len assures us that nightmares come to show us what’s wrong in our lives or souls. His striking stories illustrate the heart and art of dreamwork.

Len packs many tools and emotions into 3 classes. The class starts with investigative tools to dream work. Each of these tools is demonstrated with a dream and its deep impact on the dreamer. Each tool uncovers a natural source of help in the disturbing dream.

Next this class explores 3 common reasons we’re chased in dreams. A deep intelligence in us knows it’s dangerous to live in a state of avoidance. Len shares stories of brave people who found just what they needed by facing their dream pursuers. His dreamers found strength, autonomy and spontaneity- just what they were missing. You may not know what you’re missing til you stop running and turn around.

The last class explores how to complete a nightmare through a method known as image rehearsal therapy. This process helps the dreamer create a different response to trauma beyond fight, flight or freezing. Following these steps is surprisingly effective for halting PTSD nightmares.

The classes are available now.

This course is ideal if

  • You suffer from nightmares and need help facing, changing or stopping them
  • You work with clients who are bothered by nightmares and want simple, effective demonstrations of how to deal with them
  • You’re curious about the hidden potential in the things that chase you in your dreams
  • You’re ready to have a feeling encounter with the dream world
  • You’re interested in a fresh, concise and compelling presentation of basic dream work principles

Course Overview

Class 1. The Three Golden Guides

In this class Len masterfully unlocks several disturbing dreams. He reveals how what looks threatening may hold just what we need. He tells us how to distill the essence of a dream figure. You’ll hear how to see your hidden self in the people and objects of the dream. And finally Len shares how powerful it can be to let dream presences speak.

Class 2. Why Things Chase Us

Chase dreams are the most common motif in disturbing dreams, and they happen for a reason. Len presents three typical themes in chase dreams. First, our disavowed potentials or neglected strengths may pursue us. A second possibility is that the pursuer brings a difficult but needed truth. Finally, painful scenes related to actual trauma in the past may appear. These nightmares enable us to finally go beyond the emergency strategies of fight, flight, or freeze. Nightmares are nature’s way of making us more powerful.

Class 3. How to Complete a Nightmare and common misconceptions

In this class Len outlines the nightmare completion process, also known as image rehearsal therapy. This four-step method enables a dreamer to re-enter a dream while awake. He explains how to create a safe place to work from. Then we take the crucial steps of taking agency, finding a new, creative response and repeating it.

Finally Len shares common mistakes in dreamwork that flatten a dream rather than lead to a feeling encounter with it. We must slow down enough to be touched. Only then can the dream make us wiser.

By the end of this course you will

  • Understand the 3 investigative tools of dreamwork
  • See the positive reasons that things chase us in our dreams
  • Approach nightmares with a new agency and resourcefulness
  • Recognize that what scares you in your dreams may be something you need
  • Know what to avoid in dreamwork


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