Monika Wikman

Monika Wikman

Monika Wikman Ph.D is a Jungian Analyst and astrologer. She has worked for decades with clients and their dream symbols. Monika’s analysis of dream material leads readers into a practical explanation of alchemical symbolism.

Monika Wikman has a Ph.D. in Psychology with the California School of Professional Psychology and completed the training program with the Research and Training Center for Depth Psychology according to Carl Jung and M. L. von Franz in Zurich. Her doctoral work involved the study of dreams of patients with cancer at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center.

She is the author of ‘Pregnant Darkness’. In her book she shows that alchemy is at work in everyday life. Alchemical symbolism can be applied to unraveling the meaning of visions in meditation, active imagination, and dream work.

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