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This 7-class online course is the best introduction available to the fundamental principles of Jungian Psychology.

Carl Jung is regarded as one of the pioneer explorers of the human psyche. What differentiated him from others is that he recognized that as meaning-seeking, meaning-creating creatures we as human beings also require connection to that which nourishes the soul. During this course, master teacher and Jungian Analyst, James Hollis, will guide you through the fundamental aspects of Carl Jung’s psychology. He will not only cover the theoretical aspects, but will also enable you to apply these insights in your day-to-day life and grow psychologically.

Number of Classes:

7 Classes

Class Length:

60 min.

Total Duration

7 Hours

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Course Description

One of the pioneer explorers of the human psyche was the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875-1961). He incorporated Freud’s appreciation of the biological drives that move humankind, and Alfred Adler’s emphasis on family dynamics in the formation of personality.

Yet, he moved beyond both to identify and track the central fact that we are also spiritual creatures. As meaning-seeking, meaning-creating animals, we also have a spiritual life which suffers any disconnection from what nourishes the soul.

In this course, we explore Jung’s basic concepts, many of which have been influential in understanding our lives and our times. Such ideas as complex, typology, archetype, persona, animus/anima, shadow, and many others will be defined, illustrated, and exemplified in how they may be observed in daily life. Understanding Jung’s map of the psyche will assist each of us in opening an avenue for understanding ourselves, and those around us, at a deeper level.

This course is ideal if

  • Some of the concepts of Jungian psychology (like dreamwork, synchronicities and archetypes) have piqued your interest, but you have found the resources available difficult to grasp.
  • You are interested in personal or spiritual growth and would love to learn how Jungian psychology can practically help you with that.
  • You have studied Jungian Psychology and want to deepen your understanding with a course presenter who is regarded as one of the best thought leaders and teachers on Jungian psychology today.

Course Overview

Class 1. The Basic Functions of the Psyche: Ego, persona, shadow, anima/animus
What are the energy systems and management functions which work within each of us in the conduct of daily life?

Class 2. Basic Functions of the Psyche Continued: Self, archetype, personal and collective unconscious
What are the levels of reality which course within each of us, and link us to our ancestors, and to the timeless realms of human experience?

Class 3. Basic Functions of the Psyche Continued: Projection, transference, story-making, symbolic forms, symptom formation
What are the elemental psychological mechanisms which function both consciously and unconsciously in daily life, and which shape the agendas and outcomes of our history and our relationships?

Class 4. Working with the Psyche: Dreams
Why do we dream? What kinds of dreams come to us? How can we understand these messages which come to us autonomously every evening?

Class 5. Working with the Psyche: Active Imagination
What is “active imagination”? How can this tool that Jung developed enable us to engage our psyche and its unspoken conversation more directly? How can it move us from passive recipients to active partners in the formation of our experience?

Class 6. Why Fairy Tales and Myths are so important for us
What can we learn of ourselves, and our common heritage in the human story, through the examination and appreciation of the timeless narratives which speak to us of the mysteries, and our role in them?

Class 7. Reflections of existential matters: Suffering, death, meaning
How does Jungian psychology help us gain a deeper insight, and more active participation, in the human experience? What can we learn that strengthens our standpoint, and personal encounter, with the mystery in which we swim.

By the end of this course, you will

  • Have a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of Jungian Psychology.
  • Understand and be able to apply Jungian concepts to your own life for your personal process of psychological growth.
  • Learn to work with your shadow, dreams, projections and imagination to increase your psychological awareness.
  • Have acquired a set of perspectives and tools that will make your daily life more meaningful, purposeful and enjoyable.


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