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The Feminine Erotic Soul is present in all of us – it opens a path to creativity, desire, connection, intimacy, and the sacred while offering an embodiment of the sensual Self. When this sensual soul is missing – regardless of our age, gender identity or sexual orientation – our experience of life feels flat, ungrounded, disconnected, and driven. This course helps you to recover, re-connect with and embrace your feminine erotic soul in your personal life. It explores how the erotic soul of the Feminine can offer us balance and healing for our personal lives, for humanity and for the world. 

Number of Classes:

4 Classes

Class Length:

60 min

Total Duration:

4 hours

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Course Description

Our modern masculine driven culture – which is focused on success and appearance – has left us weary, confused and disconnected from our own soul and the Soul of the World. Everyone has some balance of masculine and feminine energy no matter who they are. And the feminine erotic soul is a vital instinctual force in both men and women. 

However, this aspect of the soul has been – and still is – maligned, used, and abused in our modern culture. In this course, Erica Lorentz explores how the power of the feminine erotic soul can balance and heal us in contemporary times. 

Be guided on a journey to discover how this aspect of your soul is a healing life force crucial to your own relationships, creativity, spirituality, and healing.

From the Paleolithic Goddess and the ancients to the mystics and into modern life, this course traces the roots of the erotic soul and brings it from obscurity back into modern-day consciousness. Dreams, people’s experiences, music, and poetry are used throughout the course to illustrate this journey from the past into the present.

This course is ideal if

  • You want to gain a deeper understanding of your own sensual soul and develop a healthy relationship with the erotic.
  • You want to feel more deeply connected with your Self, develop the ability to tune into your body, and experience a spiritual relationship with your body and the earth.
  • You have studied or are interested in Jungian Psychology and want to deepen your understanding and relationship to the feminine erotic soul.

Course overview

Class 1:

A discussion of what the feminine erotic soul is and why it is vital to our aliveness. Hear what Carl Jung and others have said about this force and how that can inform our search for it. Learn how the erotic soul will make life richer, more balanced, and full of love and compassion. Exercises are suggested that will enable you to start embodying your feminine erotic soul.

Class 2:

Reach back through time to about 30,000 B.C., when the erotic soul was an integral part of spirituality, healing, and creativity. Discover how it fed the culture spiritually and creatively. Looking back will clarify for you the power you can have from this instinctual energy. Learn how to begin to re-own it. 

Class 3:

Continuing through history, learn why and how the feminine erotic soul was demonized. Where and how did it insist on breaking through and how was it kept alive despite suppression? See how history gives us the clues we need to search for our erotic souls in our own lives. 

Class 4: Final Class

During this last class, you will discover your erotic icons, the practical values of bringing your sensual self into your relationships, and your spiritual, creative, and healing practices.

By the end of this course you will

  • Have a deeper understanding of what the feminine erotic soul is and why it is vital to your aliveness.
  • Have a greater sense of why the feminine erotic soul is a healing life force that is crucial to your relationships, creativity, and spirituality.
  • You will be able to deepen the embodied connection with this sensuous part of your soul.
  • Be able to move more consciously towards becoming your fully embodied Self.


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