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Carl Jung’s approach to the psyche is intrinsically spiritual, which is why many of us today are attracted to his work. At a time when an increasing number of people are disenchanted with traditional religious institutions, Jungian psychology offers the possibility of developing a personal spirituality that is not dependent on any dogma or doctrines.


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Lecture Description

Carl Jung frequently saw spiritual and religious symbols showing up in dreams and in the psyche of individuals. Subsequently, his approach to psychology takes these symbols seriously and explores the potential meaning of spiritual experiences. 

This lecture describes Jung’s view of religion and the ways in which the manifestations of the transpersonal psyche (such as numinous experiences) are related to the individual’s life situation and personality. Corbett also discusses Edward Edinger’s suggestion that, thanks to Jung, we are now entering a new stage in our religious development and which he called a new dispensation.

Who would enjoy this lecture

You will enjoy this lecture if you are interested in:

  • Religion or spirituality in your own life
  • Learning more about how Jung viewed religious experiences
  • Learning about the relevance of spirituality in relation to personal growth.


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