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Robert Bosnak explores how dream images are like alchemical states which can be regarded as living beings. And how, by working with these living beings, we can gain access to different forms of intelligence. Experience more vitality and wonder as you learn to engage with the alchemical ideas shared during this lecture.

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Lecture Description

This lecture is an insightful introduction to Alchemical Psychology and is a wonderful tribute to James Hillman’s work on Alchemy.

By studying alchemical psychology we come to understand ourselves and other humans in surprising ways that frequently diverge sharply from the habitual understandings we have unconsciously absorbed from the cultures in which we were raised. These new awarenesses can engender unexpected new vitality and wonder.

This lecture acts as an introduction to all the Alchemy-related courses presented by Robert Bosnak on Jung Platform:

Who would enjoy this lecture

  • Finding alternative and soulful ways to bring more vitality and wonder into your life
  • Gaining a better understanding of James Hillman’s work on Alchemy
  • A good foundational introduction to Robert Bosnak’s other Alchemy courses on Jung Platform


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