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Robert Bosnak shares and demonstrates how embodied intelligence (MQ) can give access to forms of intelligence which the rational mind (IQ) cannot provide. He clarifies why the inherent intelligence that is available in being embodied and having access to the creative imagination (Jung’s unconscious) is very important and valuable to us.


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Lecture Description

Embodied Intelligence (MQ) is available throughout the body. When riding a bicycle, for example, our body instinctively knows how to do it. This lecture demonstrates how embodied intelligence is the interface between imagination and somatic experience.

By taking dreaming – not the waking life – as the paradigm of experience, we can explore how embodied intelligence (MQ) works and matters. From grasping difficult concepts to painting and acting, or to improving your golf swing or gymnastics performance.

Being a combination of lecture and practicum, various directly applicable techniques are explained.

Who would enjoy this lecture

  • If you are interested in somatic and embodiment practices.
  • If you would like to learn how to access your imagination and creativity.


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