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This course is about the rebirth of the Future—it’s time to shine!

Join world-renowned Jungian analyst, Robert Bosnak, as he will show you, after a year of shattering, how we can let ourselves thrive. He does so by providing an alchemical perspective on this rebirth of the Future.

Number of Classes:

10 Class Course

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90 min

Total Duration:

15 hours

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Course Description

The presence of COVID-19 has changed our world radically. Collectively, we’ve gone through a year of change. For many, this has been a year of introversion and forced limitations. In a certain way we have survived this year, and now the world is opening up again and we’re entering a new phase. We experienced the shattering of our old ways of being in the world; many of us were faced with lockdowns. While we were navigating this territory of change and destruction of the old, we connected to the survival spirit. 

As a result, we have been living on a relatively low flame this past year. Or when the fire was lit it was in rage and fear.  We might have gotten used to this way of being, but more change is expected to come. This time, the change is that life is beginning to open up. But how do we gradually move from being closed down to a way of being in the world that is something more than just survival?

To answer this question, Robert Bosnak takes texts from the most famous 16th-century compendium of alchemy, the Rosarium Philosophorum. The Rosarium provides an alchemical perspective on fundamental change, and the final ten woodcuts (never addressed by Jung) move towards resurrection. Resurrection means Radiance: the spirit graphically rises out of its grave and starts to live fully.

Robert will look at the difficulties of these particular times we’re living right now as well as other processes of change we will go through in our lives in general. How can we move into the next season?

This course is about emergence and what comes next—the resurrection of the spirit. The classes will help you move towards living more fully again. In this course, Robert will address questions such as: How do we become radiant again? How do we let our passions back into the world? How do we let the world thrive and how do we let ourselves thrive? For this, we have to change gears and move from the pilot light to a full burn. Join Robert in this course and move to the art of living fully again.

Each 90-minute class will end with a practical imaginal exercise to awaken the spirit from hibernation.

This course is ideal if

  • You want to let yourself shine.
  • You want to learn to apply an alchemical perspective that will help you live a richer and more colorful life.
  • You want to see Future again.

Course Overview

All classes are available

By the end of this course you will

  • Recognize the thriving potential that the future holds.
  • Apply an alchemical perspective to situations of change in your life.
  • Know how to shift from surviving to thriving.
  • Better understand why human beings need to shine.
  • Explore the rich depths of the Rosarium.


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