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This five class course is a valuable introduction to the experience of ‘being in love’. It offers an in-depth understanding of Romantic Love through a practical framework from a depth psychological perspective. It also gives perspectives and tools to engage with the ecstasy and fears that show up when being in love, and explores how love can be a catalyst for psychological growth.

Number of Classes:

4 Classes

Class Length:

75 min + Q&A class 60 min.

Total Duration:

6 Hours

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Course Description

Romantic Love is a life altering experience full of potential. It can be the most beautiful and intoxicating experience, and it can cause terrible pain. The experience of love can serve as a gateway to increased self-knowledge and more compassion and love for self and others. However, it requires that the joy and pain of love is understood as a reflection of our human condition. Discover how the joys and struggles inherent in the experience can become a psychological gift.

Most people enjoy the beauty and ecstasy of being in love. It is an intoxicating feeling of joy, pleasure, and beauty. Yet, at the same time, this deep experience triggers a variety of deep fears. These range from not being able to be with the loved one, being abandoned, being rejected, loneliness, and feeling deeply jealous when their loved one pays attention to another. Other problems related to Romantic Love include falling in love with someone who is unavailable, or falling in love with someone else while already in a committed relationship.

Moradi believes that romantic love can deepen the lover’s self-knowledge, help you grow psychologically and expand your consciousness and love for humanity and the world.

This course is ideal if

  • You are currently in love.
  • You have been in love, and wish to learn from that experience. 
  • You’re interested in exploring what could be done to invite Romantic Love into your life and your relationships. 
  • You’re interested in reflecting on Romantic Love as a tool on the individuation and consciousness journey. 
  • You are a mental health and wellness professional working with and wanting to support clients facing a love crisis.

Course Overview

Class 1. The Psychology of Romantic Love: An Overview

Class 2. Life Validating Aspects of Romantic Love

Class 3. Pain and Suffering of Romantic Love

Class 4. Personal Growth Gained Through Love

Class 5. Final Class

In this last webinar, participants were invited to share their learnings, and engage in a conversation, and asked questions around applying the course learnings.

By the end of this course, you will

  • Understand the experience of Romantic Love through a practical framework from a depth psychological perspective.
  • Understand how to relate to fears like rejection, not being good enough, abandonment, jealousy, etc. when being in love.
  • Learn how to be with and transform intense emotions during (and after) Romantic Love into an expansion of consciousness, personal growth and greater love for life.
  • Learn how to recognize the signs that indicate the awakening of your own soul as a result of a Romantic Love experience.
  • Discover how Romantic Love could illuminate your path of joy, individuation, personal growth and better relationships.


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