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Honor your call & experience your purpose

In this compilation, three extraordinary Jungian teachers – James Hollis, Ken James and Jean Shinoda Bolen – offer wisdom on living meaningfully. We will learn how to be more true to ourselves and uncover our gifts. We will discover how to connect with our inner wisdom and welcome synchronicities. Finally, we will see that even during inevitable times of suffering, we can find a calling.

Come learn how to heed your call and live a life of purpose!

Number of Classes:

3 Classes

Class Length:

10 mins

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3 Video & 3 Audio recording.


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Course Description

No matter where we are, we all feel the need to find our life’s purpose. This strong feeling encourages us to serve something larger than ourselves. This idea is supported by Jungian psychology: we each carry within us a gift that we are invited to bring to the larger community. When we heed its call, life becomes more meaningful. In these segments from our Call & Purpose program, we will get a glimpse into how the call can reveal itself.

James Hollis tackles the question of what Jungian Psychology has to say about our sense of purpose in life. He reminds us that there is something in us that knows what’s right for us. How do we stay in contact with this inner knowing?

Ken James introduces us to Synchronicity, one of Jung’s most captivating and intriguing ideas. He also presents beautiful, personal anecdotes about the calls in his life. How can paying attention to synchronicities help us live more meaningfully?

Jean Shinoda Bolen turns our attention to the fact that the call comes to us in a multitude of ways: illness can be one of them. None of us can escape this life without encountering some form of life-threatening illness and eventually, death. How can we find purpose in illness and death?

Get closer to a sense of purpose with this powerful compilation.

These talks are part of our longer program ‘Call & Purpose‘. 

This course is ideal if

  • You want to learn how to live a deeper, more meaningful life.
  • You'd like some simple ideas about how to hear and respond to what's calling you in your life.
  • You are interested in what Jungian Psychology says about personal development and living an authentic life.
  • You are considering participating in one of our other courses & would like to have a sample.

By the end of this course you will

  • Recognize how an internal guidance system supports what is right for us.
  • Analyze, appreciate and engage with the beauty of synchronicity as part of the individuation process.
  • Recognize a call in trials, trauma, illness, and death.
  • Get a taste of one of Jung Platform’s popular courses.


We here at Jung Platform want to make these programs available to anyone. If you would love to participate yet can’t pay for the full course, then please send us an email at [email protected] and describe why you feel you qualify for a scholarship, how much you can pay, and what you will do to help the Jung Platform promote this and other programs.

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