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Most of us long for connection, belonging and identity. This yearning appears in our relationships, dreams and the connection with the places where we live.

This audio lecture invites us to face the challenge and opportunity for managing the paradoxes of belonging, whilst accepting the complexity and multiplicity of the psyche. It also explores the shadow that lies in unity and diversity, and how it can be integrated and transformed for personal growth.

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Lecture Description

If we are honest, we are all other – multiplex, complex – carrying some form of the shadow, and lacking belonging to family, partner, group or self.

Belonging is not only a question of place. It replicates similar dynamics appearing in relationships of self to self, and self to others.

The desire to belong stretches us to be without judgment. We need to address the opposite and consider the possibilities that exist in the other. If we let ourselves be surprised and open, the unknown parts of the other and ourselves are enhanced in beauty and form.

The lecture also offers a case study of a Hispanic man born in the USA but experiencing prejudice. It shares a common narrative of the pressures of wanting to belong, and how it clashes with our desire to be rooted in both the mainstream and in our culture.

Lecture Preview

This lecture is ideal if

  • Recognize the value in belonging
  • Deepen the value of dreams
  • Examine your own prejudice and longing
  • Reflect on the shadow passed on transgenerationally

By the end of this course you will

  • Understand something of the cultural complex from the perspective of Jungian psychology
  • Discover how to identify your own shadow
  • Describe how to use the moral dilemma within each person to expand the personality
  • Understand the use of the shadow for connection with Others
  • Learn about negative projections occurring in therapy and society
  • Name some opportunities for healing for those who feel excluded.


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