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Take care of yourself by taking in what you want to become

The Buddhist tradition suggests giving wise attention to four types of nutrients that we consume: edible foods, sensory impressions, motivations, and thought patterns. Everything we take in shapes us. 

In this intimate course Dr. Larry Ward warmly helps us notice what we’re consuming through all of our senses, hearts and minds. We will surely be affected by what we choose to feed on. Choosing wisely what comes into us or moves within us is a form of self-care. Consciously or unconsciously, what we take in nourishes our being and becoming. 

Number of Classes:

4 Class Course

Class Length:

60 min

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4 Video & 4 Audio recordings


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Course Description

Dr. Larry Ward nourished himself through years of close study with Thich Nhat Hanh, a beloved Zen master and activist who brought mindfulness to the attention of the West. Nhat Hahn (also known as Thay) supported and guided Larry and his wife Dr. Peggy Rowe Ward as they founded the Lotus Institute. Thay’s gentleness and determination live on in Larry.

This 4-part course will approach the four nutrients as practices in the process of I-making or self-invention. The four nutrients being edible foods, sensory impressions, motivations, and thought patterns. With Larry’s guidance we will explore the impact of these different types of nutrients on our nervous systems, mental psychology and our social fabric. 

Larry blends his tap root Buddhist practices with trauma-informed teachings, neuroscience and psychology. He throws play, somatic meditations and poetry into the mix. His mission is to help people bridge diverse backgrounds. Larry speaks as a man who has let traditional Buddhist wisdom distill and clarify within him. That takes time and tenderness.

Author of “America’s Racial Karma: An Invitation to Heal”, Larry knows about deep personal transformation of pain and injustice. He knows how to nourish the best in you as well as what’s not good for who you are becoming.

Feed your wise and real self. Step into conscious self-care and self-creation with someone who’s walking the walk.

This course is ideal if

  • You want to improve your mental clarity and self-regulation
  • Make more conscious choices about how you feed your senses and thoughts
  • Want to nourish your sense of direction
  • Are interested in Buddhist teachings regarding self-care

Course Overview

Class 1: Feeding your body

People often think of diet in terms of looking good. But if we give more conscious attention to the food we eat, beyond our appearance goals, we can enhance self-regulation, mental clarity and capacity for growth.


Class 2: Feeding your senses

We consume with our eyes, ears, nose, and skin. Sometimes we are on auto-pilot with how we feed our senses. With wise attention we can be greatly empowered through our sensory nourishments.


Class 3: Feeding your motivations

Gaining clarity on how to nourish your motivations opens the field of change. A meaningful sense of direction is a true source of creativity and becoming. It means looking deep down inside and asking where your motives are leading.


Class 4: Feeding your conscious

We can nourish ancient impulses and thought patterns that are wholesome or unwholesome. Often we’re captured by a narrative or storyline that can create harm. We can redirect our habitual reactions so that they lead us to healing and transformation. Learning to feed yourself with the right thoughts is a key to freedom in the process of self-invention. 

By the end of this course you will

  • Be readier to choose healing and transformative impulses rather than harmful ones
  • Be more aware of how what you consume affects who you are
  • Understand the importance of nourishing food, sensory input, thinking, and motivation
  • Recognize that you can shape what you are becoming


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