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Learn about a way to end the suffering of the mind; a way that ends the suffering but not your life.

This talk will approach suicide from a contemplative lens, creating a view and transformative crucible for working with experiential intense suffering. Using an integral approach, and some on-the-spot meditations, we’ll explore new ways of working with a suffering mind.

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90 mins

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Lecture Description

The unique “reverse meditations” of Tibetan Buddhism offer a radical approach to unwanted states, and allow us to work with the previously unworkable. 

This lecture will address questions like: How does simple pain transform into complex suffering? How can we use the body as a way to stay grounded and sane? How do the principles of reification and conceptual proliferation come into play with tragedies like suicide? 

The mental states that lead to suicide are constructs, and with the proper view they can be deconstructed. 

This presentation will also illuminate substance abuse, our nearly pathological need for distraction, and other unskillful means for dealing with difficult states of mind. 

In this lecture you will learn how to relate to your mind instead of from it—a new relationship that can literally save lives.

For more information about suicide, go to: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

This lecture is ideal if

  • Learn about an appropriate response to suffering.
  • Become more skillful in relating to pain.
  • Learn about a way to end the suffering of the mind; a way that ends the suffering but not your life.
  • Have a greater understanding of a contemplative approach to suffering.
  • Better understand how to work with the suffering of the mind in a way that kills the pain but not your life.
  • Know about contemplative ways to relate to pain.


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