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Find a new source of creativity in your dreams

Connect with the immense wisdom of your nighttime visions with creative journal-keeping practices. Victoria Rabinowe shows you how to develop an ongoing conversation with your inner life through incorporating collage and other expressive techniques into your dreamwork. With magazine clippings and sketches you can build a dream-journal ship to bring back gems, animals and fragrances from the realm of dreams. Sign on to this voyage if you seek a creative adventure. 

No artistic skill is needed! All you need is the urge to express what wants to come through you. Every remembered dream image is a starting point. You’re ready to go!


3 pre-recorded classes of 45 min, 1 recorded webinar of 1 hour

Class Length:

45 min

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4 Video & 4 Audio Recordings


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Course Description

Dreams are an inexhaustible source of creativity, full of emotion, perception and movement. In this course, Victoria Rabinowe shares examples of dream journals bursting with feeling, vision and intention. You’ll see how a dream journal can be a place to find your soul and mend your heart through spending time with your dreams.  Victoria shows you how to create journal  images that express the story and the mood of your dream. These images reveal aspects of your life, and with Victoria you’ll see how giving visual shape to the dream in your journal can help you engage more consciously with your inner and outer world.

You’ll learn hands-on ways to approach the riddles of the night with curiosity, originality and confidence. 

The first two classes present various creative ways of keeping a dream journal. The structural elements of the dream are discussed. Each element of a dream contains the whole so that just remembering one part of a dream is enough to find your way back into the dream and what’s moving in it. Victoria suggests you pay attention to who’s visiting you and why. 

The third class offers practical suggestions and techniques about how to get the dream image onto the page. Curiosity is the only prerequisite, as the dream itself has life and creativity- that’s art enough! 

Victoria will guide you in trusting the synchronicity of the moment and the dream to let you find images in magazines or newspapers that express the feeling of the dream. She will help you give body to the jewels and beasts of your dreams. 

Step into a creative adventure. Open your dream journal.

Please Note: There are some copyrighted images shown during the classes that have been blurred out.

The classes are available now.

This course is ideal if

  • Are looking for inspiration to start or return to a dream journal
  • want to make objects and images that reveal what’s moving inside you
  • feel the urge to make art but don’t think you’re artistic
  • know that you’re artistic but want new inspiration
  • are fascinated with or bothered by your dreams
  • want to recognize recurring themes and characters in your dreams
  • want to give safe expression to aspects of your shadow
  • want to face what frightens you in your dreams and perhaps daily life
  • want to remember what’s luminous in your dreams and give it life in your world

Course Overview

CLASS 1: Getting hold of the dream

Available now

In this class you’ll see examples of dream journals that vibrantly record dreams through writing, drawing and collage.You’ll learn the structural elements that help you remember and keep hold of the story and feel of the dream. Victoria shows how the plot, landscape, people, animals, objects and emotions can be captured and energetically recorded. 

Victoria shares an important dream of her own and the images she made of it. As she enters the characters she discovers feelings and strengths she didn’t know she had. She tells us how making the images and letting them speak helped her make life changing decisions.


CLASS 2: Opening up the dream

Available now

In this class you’ll hear examples of how to enter the language of dreams, and come to the emotion that moves it. 

You’ll explore through Victoria´s examples how the dream image moves, feels, looks and acts.

You’ll consider how any particular image may be saying something metaphorically about you or for you.

You’ll learn to what extent symbol dictionaries can be useful and to trust your own experience of the image

You’ll see how the dream journal can be a place to be spontaneous, intimate and passionate.


CLASS 3: Imaging the dream

Available now

This class shows examples of various ways your hands can help bring what moves in your dreams into your waking world.

You’ll see how the creative process can bring the dream image to life through computer drawing, collage, non-dominant hand drawing, dream mapping and other simple expressive techniques.

You’ll learn about how to start a collection of text and magazine images 

Victoria encourages you to trust the synchronicity of the images you find in magazines and newspapers with what happens in your dreams.

You’ll consider with Victoria how to bring the dream forward and let new endings unfold


CLASS 4: Last Class

During the fourth session Victoria will present some ideas for creative projects beyond the journal- decks of dream cards, handmade dream books, mandalas, medicine wheels, totems and shrines.

By the end of this course you will

  • Know several techniques for creating images for parts of your dreams or whole dream stories
  • Feel the possibilities of the dream journal technique as a tool in self-discovery.
  • Appreciate that the imaginal realm of dreams is the doorway to the source of creativity
  • See examples of how the creative soul expresses itself in dreams
  • Have ideas about how to find help in your nighttime dreams for problems or conflicts in your waking life


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