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This course introduces you to the exhilarating world of lucid dreaming.

It takes you step by step through powerful practices to help you get and stay lucid, explore the dreamworld, and have meaningful interactions with dream guides, animals, and symbols. Dive in to experience the wonder of illuminating your dreams with lucid awareness.

Number of Classes:

4 Classes

Class Length:

40 min - 60 min

Total Duration:

4 hours

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4 Video & 4 Audio recordings


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Course Description

In this course, you’ll be introduced to the incredibly beautiful and fascinating world of lucid dreaming. In lucid dreams, we know that we are dreaming while we are dreaming. Our heightened awareness enables us to engage consciously with the wonderful realm of dreams. 

Lucid dreaming enables us to explore the vast potential of the psyche with full awareness. The so-called “unconscious” domain of dreams becomes conscious, and this can be truly awe-inspiring. We can meet and interact with dream guides, fly to the stars, engage in healing, tap into our intuitive mind to solve problems, and learn more about the rich depths of our psyche.

Dr. Clare Johnson will guide you through how to become lucid in your dreams, how to stabilize the dream to stay lucid longer, how to guide the dream if you so wish, and she’ll share her best practices for experiencing profound interactions with the people and animals we meet in dreams.

This course is ideal if

  • Learn how to have lucid dreams more often
  • Discover how to stay lucid in your dreams
  • Talk to figures, guides, and animals that appear in your dreams
  • Learn how to ask the dream for specific guidance
  • Deepen your understanding of the thought-responsive nature of dreams and how to co-create with them
  • Learn just how far lucid dreaming can take you on your journey into soulful dreaming

Course Overview

Class 1. What Is Lucid Dreaming and How to Begin Practicing It

This class explores what lucid dreaming is and how it can help us. We’ll look at common questions about lucid dreaming, explore core practices for becoming lucid, and you’ll receive tips on how to begin your lucid dreaming practice.

Part 1. What Is Lucid Dreaming and How Can It Help Us?

  1. What lucid dreaming is and a brief scientific/historical overview
  2. Examples of how lucid dreams can help us/what we can do with this state of consciousness
  3. Common questions about lucid dreaming
  4. Practices: a) keep a dream journal b) create a lucid dream goal c) incubate a lucid dream

Part 2. How to Begin Your Lucid Dreaming Practice

  1. The art of noticing and how to develop it
  2. Top 5 reality checks. Practice: invent your own unique reality check
  3. The body as a lucidity trigger
  4. Practice: Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams technique (MILD)
  5. Practice: Wake up, Back To Bed technique (WBTB)
  6. Practice: Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD)
  7. Practice: Early morning meditation

Class 2. How to Stay Lucid and Guide Your Lucid Dreams

In this class, we’ll examine how to stay lucid in a dream because a common pitfall for beginner lucid dreamers is that they cannot easily sustain their lucidity, often due to over-excitement at becoming lucid. I’ll share my CLEAR stabilization technique. We’ll then move on to explore how to guide lucid dreams, as they are highly thought-responsive environments, and the merest thought can shape events as we co-create the dream together with our unconscious mind. 

Part 1. How to Stay Lucid in a Dream

  1. The different stages of lucid awareness and how to recognize them
  2. Why lucidity can be like walking a tightrope
  3. Practice: The CLEAR technique for stable lucidity
  4. Five different ways to stay lucid in your dream
  5. Train your mind to keep lucid dreaming: lucid trances

Part 2. How to Guide Lucid Dreams 

  1. Consider your beliefs and expectations about your ability to guide lucid dreams
  2. Pros and cons of dream control
  3. Tips on how to guide dreams
  4. The thought-responsive nature of dreams
  5. Practice: Guided Visualisation from Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming

Class 3. How to Interact with Dream Figures & Other Things We Can Do with Lucid Dreaming

This class explores how to interact with lucid dream people and animals and connect with lucid dream guides. An animal, a person, an object, or a geographical feature such as a waterfall can all be sources of wisdom in the dream state. We’ll also look at what else we can do in lucid dreams when we go more deeply into the practice, such as healing, spiritual encounters, and preparation for death and dying

Part 1. How to Interact with People and Animals in Lucid Dreams

  1. How aware are your dream figures? 
  2. The different levels of awareness in dream people and animals and how to identify them
  3. Paul Tholey’s experiments
  4. Practice: how to encounter a lucid dream guide. An animal, a person, a geographical feature such as a waterfall can all be sources of wisdom in the dream state.
  5. How dream figures can help you become lucid and direct you to experiences you need
  6. Practice: tips for interacting with lucid dream figures

Part 2. What Else Can We Do with Lucid Dreaming?

A brief overview of the deeper elements, with inspiring examples: problem-solving and creative inspiration; psychological and physical healing; exploring the sparkling black void and the Lucid Light; spiritual encounters with the divine; and lucid dreaming as training for death.

Class 4. Last Class: sharing, discussion & reflections

Our final class reflects on the journey we’ve taken together throughout this course. This webinar was an opportunity for general Q&A, discussion, and further deepening of our experience with lucid dreams. How can you integrate these learnings into your life?

By the end of this course you will

  • Implement the most effective practices for becoming lucid in your dreams.
  • Recognize the enormous potential of lucid dreaming to help us on our path through life.
  • Know how to interact lucidly with dream figures and animals as part of a journey into healing and wisdom.
  • Become more awakened in your daily life and more aware in your nocturnal life.
  • Better understand how lucidity shines a light into the heart of dreams and brings a glorious sense of connection.
  • Explore the rich depths of your psyche with a lucid gaze and joy in your heart!


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