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Bob Walter is the former president of the Joseph Campbell Foundation. Following in Campbell’s footsteps, in this audio lecture he explores the overlap and influence of one’s spiritual beliefs, mythology and the healing response.

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Lecture Description

Explore the relationship between mythology and health: how the visceral beliefs – the myths – of both patient and physician interact to either positively impact or impede their interpersonal relationship and, more importantly, the healing process itself.

This lecture investigates some of the biological bases for such mythic understandings. It also scrutinizes the ways in which technological development, globalization, and mass media are continually redefining and reshaping our understanding of what it means to be “healthy”.

It further ‘diagnoses’ the well-being of the body politic by examining how our contemporary mythos – whether consciously articulated or unacknowledged – fails to inform our lives with the art of living due to an insistent denial of death and the inevitability of our dying.

Who would enjoy this lecture

  • The influence of spirituality and spiritual beliefs on health and healing responses
  • Joseph Campbell and his view on mythology
  • Mythology and its relevance to our current culture


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