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The question ‘Who am I?’ is a consciousness-expanding question. It takes  us to deeper realms where we can experience inner freedom and joy.

In this short course, our skillful Jungian teacher Dariane Pictet meditates on the question: Who am I? 

We all have ideas, feelings, and assumptions about who we are. We tell stories that describe us and we believe in these stories. But  there are times when we are caught in the web of our imagination. In these times, we need to ask ourselves: Are the things I am saying about myself also true? 

Does our answer to this question open a larger field of being or do we get tangled up in narrow definitions? 

Dariane explores the process of constructing and deconstructing our identity. She offers a roadmap on moving away from our personal drama to a practice of inquiry that borders on the mystery of existence. As she will explain, this is where we can experience true freedom and joy.

Number of Classes:

2 Class Course

Class Length:

60 min

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Course Description

In this short course, Dariane Pictet reflects on the question ‘Who am I’ and unpacks her reflections with the help of Jungian concepts including the ego, the ego complex, and the Self. 

When we recognize where we are over-adapted and become aware of the triggers that awaken the wounded self, we’re in a process of self-discovery. By becoming aware of the stories we tell ourselves, we learn where we might be limiting ourselves. Our habitual stories often attach us inextricably to the past and limit our future possibilities.  To let go of what is not real, we need to question our interpretations of reality, no matter how convincing they may seem. We have to understand that these interpretations usually stem from our past experiences. 

When we do this, we discover a wider plane of existence in which we are no longer identified with the ego. Once we can meet the unknown in ourselves, we become more spontaneous and more capable of living in the present. This is what Jung called ‘individuation’. When we are devoted to our inner life, the ego acts like a tuning fork putting the Self at the center. 

Life, experienced from the perspective and presence of the Self, opens up the possibility of freedom and joy. The feeling generated by expanded consciousness is one of true freedom.

This course is ideal if

  • Expand your consciousness and gain a greater sense of freedom;
  • Learn how to approach the existential question ‘who am I’, and
  • Learn to embrace the Present and how to let go of the past.

Course Overview

Class 1 Constructing and deconstructing identity

In this first class, Dariane Pictet explores how identities are constructed and how we can deconstruct them to find an answer to the existential question: who am I? She explains how we could move away from our personal drama into a practice of inquiry. The result of this process is a sense of freedom and joy. 

This class is available now.


Class 2 Final Class

This class includes a meditation on the theme Who am I?. There was an opportunity to share your experiences and ask questions as well.

This class is available now.

By the end of this course you will

  • Be able to describe how to move away from the personal perspective to a Self-centered perspective.
  • Have a gained understanding of how to attain a greater sense of freedom and joy.
  • Be able to explain that a life experienced from the perspective and presence of the Self opens up the possibility of freedom and joy.


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