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Learn about your soul’s desire through your relationship with money.

“Money asks us to live in integrity with ourselves,” as Dariane Pictet writes. In this course, Dariane Pictet will look at the various projections on and fantasies around money, its shadow aspect, archetypal field, and its mythological roots. We will also explore what fairy tales tell us about money-related challenges in life. 


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Lecture Description

Jungian analyst and teacher Dariane Pictet presents her paper on balancing our inner checkbook. Balancing this checkbook demands self knowledge so that we say yes only to those things where real desire lies and we have the energy for them. 

Our relationship to money tells us something about who we are. Money can represent many things like freedom, security, comfort, status, shame, and others. If our money complex is positive we can easily give and share. If it is negative, we feel tight and uneasy around it.  

Our money complex is influenced by our relationship with mother and father. Our relationship to mother (matter) gives us a clue if we expect abundance or scarcity. The relationship to father (spirit) gives us a clue whether we feel empowered to pursue our dreams. The challenge is to bring about a centered approach to both matter and spirit, as Dariane argues in this lecture. 

In this lecture, Dariane explores money as an element of our personal psychology: a psychic energy, complex, shadow, and symbol. She delves into projections on and fantasies around money, fantasies around money, the its shadow aspect, the archetypal field, and it’s the mythological roots. We will also explore what fairy tales tell us about the money-related challenges in life.  By doing so, it becomes clearer on a personal level what the soul wants from us and how it prefers its energy to be spent. 

Lightness of the heart is the reward of a life well spent.

This lecture is ideal if

  • If you want to examine the psychology of your relationship with money, and what money means to you.
  • You want to learn about yourself and the desire of your soul.
  • You want to learn about yourself by applying Jungian concepts to your relationship with money.

By the end of this lecture, you will

  • Be able to describe your personal relationship with money.
  • Recognize the shadow aspect of money and how you relate to it.
  • Create a healthy relationship to wealth (matter and spirit).


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