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Live more freely, put your family karma in its place

Join Dr. Ashok Bedi, a world-renowned Jungian analyst, as he encourages you to spot the family patterns that may be unconsciously shaping your relationships, career choices and physical health. 

An engaging storyteller, Dr Bedi relates ancient myths that portray how issues are passed from generation to generation, even in the best of families. He offers his reading of kundalini chakra systems as a map to recurring health and emotional issues that manifest in your life. With rich clinical anecdotes, Dr. Bedi illustrates how finding the knots you inherited from your family is the beginning to untangling them.

Number of Classes:

6 Classes

Class Length:

60 min

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Course Description

This compelling course offers a broad perspective of the Hindu concept of karma integrated with views from western depth psychology.

The perfect guide for this synthesis is Dr. Ashok Bedi. Bedi blends his lifelong immersion in Hindu culture with his decades of clinical experience in the depth psychology of the West. In this course he shares the clear map he’s created to identify the conflicts and blessings that repeat generation after generation in families.

From the Hindu perspective, Dr. Bedi explains how the choices we make create negative or positive karma that manifests in following generations. He looks at the three sources of karma and the four tasks of life in which we generate karma.

A natural storyteller, Dr. Bedi relates Hindu and Greek myths that reveal karmic family patterns. Carl Jung’s life and work is also touched on in terms of Jung’s family karma. Jung’s word association test is looked at as evidence for family complexes, or family karma. 

Bedi describes in detail how inherited family issues can show up in the 7 chakras as described in Kundalini yoga. From the depth psychology perspective, he relates the archetypes of the Mother, Father, Warrior, Trickster, Lover, Leader and Guru to the chakras as well as to specific developmental issues.

An extensive Companion Guide is provided to help you map your own family issues. Journal exercises explore ancestral dramas, family legends, functional and dysfunctional coping strategies, and how you are like or unlike the rest of your family. 

Discover where your family blessings and conflicts are manifesting in your life. Find where your ancestors are supporting or blocking your journey with Dr. Bedi.

This course is ideal if

  • Learn about the overlap between concepts in Hinduism and western depth psychology
  • Understand how the 7 chakras are related to specific archetypal figures and developmental issues
  • Explore your own family patterns, legends and attitudes in depth through journaling
  • Learn about Carl Jung’s investigation of complexes via the word association test and its relation to family karma
  • Hear clinical and mythological examples of how family karma is transmitted from generation to generation

Course Overview

Class 1. The Eastern roadmap to Individuation and personal growth

In this class Dr. Bedi presents the core concepts of Karma. Karma is the echo of the choices you’ve made and the impact those choices have had on your body, mind and soul.

He shares a patient’s dream that illustrates the relationship between ego and soul, and explains how choices that are ego-based create negative Karma, whereas choices that are Dharmic, or soul-based, create positive Karma. 

Every individual must address four tasks in this lifetime. These include cultivating Artha (wealth and power), Kama (sexuality and relationships), Dharma (spiritual purpose) and Moksha (freedom). These tasks typically take place at certain stages of life.

Positive karma leads to Moksha, or freedom from the cycles of suffering and liberation from cycles of reincarnation. Negative karma leads to rebirth and repetition of the unresolved issue.

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Class 2.  Evidence for Family Karma in Ancient Legends

Dr. Bedi dedicates this class to telling the engaging stories of the Hindu Epic of Ramayana, and the Greek myth of the house of Thebes, or the ancestral family of Oedipus. These multi-layered stories reveal the passing down of unretired family karma through generations.

Dr Bedi also shares his original idea about how Jung’s family karma played out in his relationship with Freud.

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Class 3. How Do We Inherit Family Karma?

Our unconscious is the repository for our family Karma. Dr. Bedi relates in depth how Carl Jung’s word association experiments produced evidence for the existence of complexes. Where Jung used the word complexes, Dr. Bedi prefers the word karma. Both indicate fixation points in the psyche where relational, physical and personal problems manifest and are often repeated generationally.

Dr. Bedi discusses Leonardo DaVinci and Adolf Wolfi as examples of people who used their karmic footprints to create great art.

To close this class, Dr. Bedi discusses the Kundalini model of psychospiritual development. He outlines the three channels of Kundalini energy and associates the seven chakras with certain archetypes. 

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Class 4: The Family Karma in the Root, Pelvic and Naval Chakras

In this class Dr. Bedi explores the Kundalini transmission in the root, pelvic and naval chakras.  The archetypes of the Mother, Father and Warrior will be explored through the lens of how each archetype splits into opposing poles. The developmental task of each archetype/chakra is presented.

Dr. Bedi shares moving clinical vignettes that illustrate how individuals have identified their particular family karma and reached resolutions through inner work.  

Participants are given exercises in the companion guide to explore how karmic tasks and splits may manifest in their lives, relationships and choices. 

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Class 5: The Family Karma in the Heart, Throat, Head and Crown Chakras

This class continues our investigation of Kundalini transmission in the heart, throat, head and crown chakras. The archetypes of the Lover, Trickster, Leader and Guru are explored, again through the lens of their polar manifestations and developmental issues. 

Dr. Bedi uses more poignant examples from clinical cases to illustrate how family karma can manifest in the chakras. 

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Class 6: Mapping and Researching Your Family Karma

In this final class Dr. Bedi will explain how to create a genogram of your own family tree. This will help you map the origins of your family Karma. Seeing the upstream origin of your family Karma makes it clearer how your relationship patterns, career choices, complexes, medical and psychiatric symptoms, and even dreams may be influenced by family patterns. 

Dr Bedi shares his own genogram of family issues. We hear about misfortunes that repeated until they were acknowledged, and how Dr Bedi’s own integrative work is a claiming of a family karmic blessing.

Dr. Bedi closes with two revelatory and healing dreams.

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By the end of this course you will

  • Be prepared to identify the emotional, relational, medical and behavioral patterns that have repeated thru the generations in your family tree
  • Recognize how your family issues and patterns can manifest in the different chakras of your body
  • Understand the relational and developmental issues associated with each chakra
  • Relate the archetypal figures of the Trickster, Mother, Father and others to specific chakras


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