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Tune in to your heart wisdom

In this powerful webinar course master psychotherapist and spiritual mentor John Prendergast speaks from the heart. He gently helps us enter our bodies and open our own hearts.  He directs us to the energy field and knowing within us. As we sense into discrete bodily centers we experience a new aliveness. Self-honesty, vulnerability, trust, spaciousness and groundedness unfold together. 

In this unique, experiential course we learn how resonance and dissonance can become our inner guidance system.  With John’s inviting warmth we can feel where body, soul and spirit align.

Touching in with John is a rare opportunity. Don’t miss it. 

Number of Classes:

7 On Demand Classes

Class Length:

90 min

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7 Video & 7 Audio recordings


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Course Description

We are born with the ability to feel authenticity in ourselves and in others. We are born with sensitive bodies that are ready to trust, open, give and receive love.  But hard experiences teach us to deny and armor these soft abilities. In this very special course John Prendergast helps us get back in touch with the natural sense of truth in our body. 

John has decades of direct experience with clients and supervising psychotherapists. He sees with precision and compassion how our innate wisdom gets obscured by our conditioning. He points to  where we are constrained by core limiting beliefs, reactive feelings, and somatic contractions. As a result we lose touch with our bodies. We feel separate and disconnected from life.

John assures us that despite our blockages we are still connected to life and our own wisdom.  His confidence and sweet curiosity entice us to feel back into them. He is a spiritual mentor who walks the walk with us. 

In seven vibrant sessions John guides us back to the deep intelligence available through our bodies. Every class includes a guided meditation based on somatic ways of inner knowing. John will lead you through explorations of relaxed groundedness, inner alignment, open-heartedness, and spaciousness. You’ll experience  how to recognize subtle signals of  resonance or dissonance. These signals can guide your choices and help you navigate life’s challenges. As you honestly align with your truth you’ll feel an essential aliveness again.  With time you’ll recognize yourself as open, loving awareness. 

John offers us a transmission from his open heart that is felt even through the frame of a digital screen. Start the journey from your head to your heart, or get back on the path. John´s light and clarity will help you find the warm guide within you. 

This course is ideal if

  • Feel more spacious, aligned and stable
  • Explore the energy body and its centers of subtle sensing
  • Learn to distinguish what’s authentic from what’s conditioned
  • Find a steady base of trust in your life that doesn’t depend on other people
  • Experience the strength of vulnerability and self-honesty

Course Overview

Class 1. The Sense of Inner Knowing: Introduction & Overview

  • The body is a conduit for an inner sense of knowing that is more direct and intimate than ordinary thinking.
  • This form of knowing is known by different names such as felt-sensing, intuition, and heart-wisdom.
  • The sense of inner knowing is inherent within everyone, however, it usually takes some attention and time to attune with it.

Class 2. Subtle Sensing and the Energy Body

  • The body is a remarkable sensing instrument that can feel as if it is made up of energy with discrete centers along the mid-line of the trunk.
  • These centers are portals for the expression of essential qualities of being.
  • They are also repositories of painful emotional conditioning – shadow material.

Class 3. Spaciousness

  • One way the body responds to authenticity is by feeling more spacious.
  • As internal contractions soften, melt, and release, we feel more space within and around the body.
  • As we recognize and see through our core limiting beliefs, we also experience more space.
  • Awareness is like the spacious sky and thoughts are like passing clouds.

Class 4. Open-Heartedness

  • Inner knowing also appears as a warmth and radiance in the heart area.
  • There are different levels in the heart area: ego, soul, and universal.
  • The deeper our exploration, the earlier conditioning we uncover.
  • As the heart area becomes clearer from conditioning, we are able to sustain awareness of its deeper dimensions.
  • We can learn to allow the Universal Heart to hold the human heart.

Class 5. Groundedness

  • Reality is grounding, unless we are in denial.
  • Like the heart, the ground has several primal levels: egoic, archetypal and universal.
  • Early trauma, neglect, and abuse cause this center to constrict leading to feelings of distrust and unsafeness.
  • The ordinary, separate self always feels subtly groundless.
  • Opening to the deep ground brings a profound feeling of inner stability. 

Class 6. Inner Alignment and Aliveness

  • The body inwardly aligns when we are in touch with our truth.
  • Resonance and dissonance becomes our felt-sense inner guidance system.
  • Self-honesty and vulnerability are critically important in this approach.
  • As we deeply align, we also feel an essential aliveness in the core of the body.

Class 7. Self Recognition

  • The body is a trustworthy conduit of inner knowing.
  • This knowing applies to practical situations as well as discovering who we really are.
  • We are not the common-sense separate self that we seem to be.
  • Our inner knowing eventually leads us to recognize ourselves as open, loving awareness.

All classes are available now

By the end of this course you will

  • know how to access the subtle energy of your body
  • understand how to attune to inner knowing within you
  • be readier to find spaciousness, open-heartedness and groundedness
  • have tools to feel more aligned and alive
  • begin to recognize yourself as open, loving awareness


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