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Enter the woods of wonder, come back with riches.

Dr. Jonathan Young trained in the lineage of mythic imagination directly with Joseph Campbell. Just as erudite as Campbell, Young brings his own earthy charm and sensibility to the tales he tells.

In this 3 class course, Jonathan Young finds new life in 3 classic fairy tales. He points to the archetypal patterns of the soul that we find as we journey through the stories. 

Learn from other earnest seekers in the fairy tale woods. Recognize the call, allow the transformation to happen and take up the return to your village through folklore.

Follow the breadcrumbs to your best self with Jonathan.

Number of Classes:

3 Class Course

Class Length:

60 mins

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3 Video & 3 Audio recordings


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Course Description

Jonathan Young is a sly and captivating story-teller. Before you know it, he’s pulled you back into the world of childhood imagination where the strange and familiar move together.

Entering the mythic imagination allows us to drop into deeper awareness. This course draws on Young’s work with Joseph Campbell to show how fairytales provide metaphors rich in personal guidance. These familiar narratives can also have hidden spiritual implications. Symbolic patterns in faerie lore reflect our most important concerns. Characters can connect us with dimensions beyond ordinary experience. 

There are effective strategies to draw emotional insights from such wisdom tales. For example, stories can be analyzed like dreams to help us find meaning in ordinary experiences. In a spirit of play, we will follow enchanting tales to learn more about the treasures to be found on our inner journeys.

This course is ideal if

  • Are interested in Jungian and archetypal perspectives found in fairy tales.
  • Are hungry for time-tested guidance on moving through life.
  • Enjoy the moods and magic of fairy tales.

Course Overview

Class 1: The Calling

The event that pulls the seeker out of everyday life can be subtle or intense. Some guides seem more reliable than others. Getting what we want is not always a good thing. Leaving our comfort zones just might reveal unknown inner resources. The key story for this session is Hansel & Gretel. 

Class 2: The Transformation

A visit to the wise old woman might provide a key to mysteries. Distractions can pull us off course before we find our way back to the path. Getting drawn into distressing situations can change us for the better. Sometimes, the dark moment is when we find the light. The key story for this session is Little Red Riding Hood.

Class 3: The Return 

Finding allies and mentors can help us fulfill a radiant destiny. We may have to overcome inner and outer oppression. Going from grief to fulfillment takes courage. Some well-known narratives have additional implications we never noticed. The key story for this session is Cinderella.

By the end of this course you will

  • Be invited back to childlike wonder through old but living tales.
  • Meet mythic companions on the road of life.
  • Have a glimpse of where child and sage may meet.
  • Recognize some signs of the mythic cycle of call, transformation and return.


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