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Connect with your spirit guide

In this course the Irish mystic Lorna Byrne, who has been seeing angels since she was born, will teach us how we can befriend our own angel or spirit guide. We all have a spirit guide who is dedicated to supporting us on our life journey. 

Lorna will share her own experiences, and provide practical ways to engage and nurture the relationship with our spirit guide and other angels.

Number of Classes:

4 Class Course

Class Length:

60 min

Live Times

9am PT/ noon ET

Live Dates

Aug 28,
Sept 4, Sept 18, Sept 25

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4 Videos & 4 Audio recordings


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Course Description

Who is my guardian angel or spirit guide? How do I communicate with my angels? How do I recognize the guidance coming from them? These most asked questions and more will be answered by the magical Lorna Byrne. She will help you deepen your connection with your guardian angel.

We all have a dedicated spirit guide or angel whose task is to help us with our life journey. Our angel loves us unconditionally. This is the message from Lorna Byrne, who has been seeing and talking to angels since she was a child. This course comes from Lorna’s direct experience with angels and will be tremendously helpful for you to connect with your angel. Machiel Klerk will chime in occasionally to share how the angel also manifests in dreams and ways to experience the support of the angel.

This live webinar course will provide you with unique, hands-on exercises and meditations to support and enhance your connection with your guardian angel. You will learn how to receive and interpret angelic guidance and build a strong, lasting relationship with your guardian angel. Each hour-long live session with Lorna will allow you to interact directly with her and personalize your learning experience in support of your spiritual journey. 

Join the course to begin this transformative experience to explore the powerful guidance and unwavering support your guardian angel has to offer!

This course is ideal if you want to:

  • Understand what it means to have a guardian angel.
  • Explore how you can befriend your own angel.
  • Nurture the relationship with your guardian angel and enrich your life with their presence.

Course Overview

Class 1 – Enhancing your relationship with your Guardian Angel 

In this class, we will begin with exploring how to recognize and nurture the bond with our guardian angel, enriching our life with their divine presence and guidance. After discussing the topic, Lorna will proceed to do a meditation with the group, followed by a Q&A session and conclusion.

Class 2 – Having faith in asking for guidance and understanding it.

In the second session, we will delve into how to have faith in asking for guidance and understanding it. This class aims to help us recognise the unique ways that our guardian angel communicates with us. More specifically, having faith and believing we have a guardian angel and that we’re not alone. After discussing the topic, Lorna will proceed to do a meditation with the group, followed by a Q&A session and conclusion. 

Class 3 – How to recognise its guidance and signs 

In the third class of the series, we will look into how to recognise our guardian angels’ guidance and signs. Lorna will help us familiarize ourselves with the signs that our guardian angel puts in our life, so that we can see them frequently. After discussing the topic, Lorna will proceed to do a meditation with the group, followed by a Q&A session and conclusion. 

Class 4 – Recap

In the final session, Lorna and Machiel will aim to recap the last three classes, followed by a live Q&A with all your questions where you can gain further clarity on any topics covered in previous sessions and ask any last pondering questions you may have. Lorna will then end the session, with a group blessing and an exercise for you to take home.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Better understand the idea of having a guardian angel.
  • Establish a relationship with your own guardian angels.
  • Learn how to recognise and act on the guidance of your angels.


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