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There has never been, nor will there ever be another person like you. The better you know what makes you unique, the better you can shape your life in your own unique way.

This beginner-level course offers an introduction to the foundational principles Carl Jung’s personality theory and its application in daily life. John van der Steur has developed a novel approach to interpreting personality types. In many ways it is like the MBTI, which is also based on Carl Jung’s theories – yet adds an extra layer. John believes that by discovering the power of our personalities, we can find the key to our unique genius.

Number of Classes:

5 Classes

Class Length:

40 min + 60 min last class

Total Duration

4 hours

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5 Video & Audio Recordings


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Course Description

C.G. Jung introduced his typological theory in his seminal work Psychological Types which was first published in German in 1921. Since then, various organizations have developed psychometric systems – like the MBTI – to help people evaluate their typological preferences and apply it in their own lives.

The contribution of these instruments to the body of knowledge on typology and the popularity of Jung’s work has been enormous. At the same time, the 21st century requires a fresh look at the principles Jung discovered.

Jung’s typology refers to the polarities of Extroversion and Introversion, Thinking and Feeling, and Intuition and Sensation. These are seen as the functions of Consciousness. But it is integration with the unconscious that Jung believes creates wholeness.

John van der Steur is interested in helping people achieve what Jung calls Individuation – the process of developing consciousness by accessing the unconscious. According to Jung, it is only from the tension of opposites that we grow. Based on this premise, John has expanded the Jungian notion of Typology and the Shadow to grow his work and to show how the four personality functions as well as every polarity within those functions has a unique purpose.

This beginner-level course is intended to aid you in your journey of self-discovery and personal effectiveness. It can help you discover who you are, what your strengths and limitations are, and how you want to apply them.

It is vital for our personal growth and effectiveness to know our personality type. When we are aware of our personality type, our preferences, our strengths and our limitations, it can help us find our purpose and chart the course for our lives. Naturally, our personality also affects the way we operate in relationship with others at home and at work. In this course John van der Steur will demonstrate the use of Jung’s theory of typology on a daily basis.

This course is ideal if

  • You find yourself wanting answers to the following questions: Who am I? What am I good at? What do I want to do with my life?
  • You want to know more about the basics of Jung’s theory of typology
  • You want to know more about your MBTI type or what each letter in your personality type actually means
  • You wish to understand the polarity dynamics behind this theory
  • You want to know how you can apply the knowledge of Jung’s theory for your personal journey

Course Overview

This course consists of four pre-recorded video and audio classes which will be released weekly, culminating in the fifth and final class which will take the form of a live webinar with John.

Class 1. An overview of what Jung’s theory of typology entails

Class 2. An introduction to the concepts of introversion and extraversion, and their related polarity

Class 3. An introduction to the perceiving and judging polarity

Class 4. Being truthful to your type and how it plays out in everyday life.

Class 5. Live webinar Recording

By the end of this course you will

  • Be able to describe the basic concepts of Jung’s model of typology (four functions, introversion-extroversion, judging-perceiving)
  • Be able to understand and explain the role of the dominant and inferior functions in your daily functioning
  • Be able to apply Jung’s theory of typology to your own life


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