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Listen to the Guide within

In coaching, clients present us with the challenges they are facing in their lives. Through deep listening, mirroring, and exercises we may offer our clients fresh perspectives on their lives and help them to connect with their soul.

Jungian coaching focuses on this connection with the innate wisdom that resides within us. In Jungian terms, the coaching interventions concentrate on the ego-Self relationship. This means that we work with our clients from the perspective that they are being guided from within to ‘become who they truly are’. A Jungian coach pays attention to the inner guidance the client is receiving (through their intuition, dreams, fantasies, synchronicities, etc.).  By following the guidance, we acknowledge the individuation process of the client. 

In this course you will be introduced to the basic Jungian coaching principles. You will also get
some techniques/tools that you can apply immediately in your conversations.

Number of Classes:

4 Class Course

Class Length:

60 mins

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Course Description

This course provides an excellent introduction to Jungian coaching. It is designed for people interested in bringing a Jungian perspective to their conversations. Perhaps you’d like to enhance the depth of your daily conversations by exploring these Jungian approaches and viewpoints. And maybe you wish to expand your existing coaching practice, or any other healing practice as massage, reiki, yoga. Or… maybe you want to apply a Jungian angle in conversations with people in your team at the workplace. The subject matter covered in this course is relevant to a wide range of conversational contexts.

Jungian coaching provides tools to increase our understanding of the other, their behavior and motivations. By investigating these deeper layers, we may assist others in finding meaning in their life experiences. By engaging in conversations about Jungian concepts such as individuation and the integration of the shadow, individuals can achieve a greater sense of wholeness. Jungian coaching has transformative long-lasting effects. 

How to recognize the deeper invitations that life holds for someone? How to honor the process of psychological development that is unique in each individual? How to acknowledge the hints where to go? These questions will be answered in this course by our teacher, Akke-Jeanne Klerk.

She has been coaching and teaching coaching courses since 2009. She offered coaching and courses on coaching at the University of applied sciences in Amsterdam. She also facilitated certificate programs at a renowned training institute in the Netherlands for 6 years. In 2022, she developed the Jungian coaching certificate program at Jung Platform. She is an internationally accredited trainer for coaching programs (by IACTM).

This course is ideal if

  • You are wondering how to approach your coaching conversations from a Jungian angle.
  • You want to learn what is unique to Jungian coaching, gain tools and techniques that you can apply in conversations with others.
  • You often find yourself in conversations in which you are asked to guide another (be it in a helping profession, in HR, or with friends and family) and want to learn to do it in a way that takes the individuation process of the other into account.
  • You want to add a Jungian perspective to your existing coaching skills.
  • You are interested in developing a coaching practice, and want to familiarize yourself with Jungian Coaching.

Course Overview

Class 1  Introduction to Jungian Coaching

In the first class, we will explore the foundations of Jungian coaching. Akke-Jeanne offers the Jungian coaching model and provides case examples. The model serves as a guideline in the coaching process and offers a framework for what to focus on in coaching sessions. In this class, the difference between Jungian coaching and other types of coaching will be addressed. Lastly, the requirements for the Jungian coach itself are being discussed.

Class 2 Tending to the guide within 

In this class, the ego-Self relationship is discussed as well as the ways we can listen to the inner guide. The class contains examples and practical tools on how to stay attuned with the individuation process. 

Class 3 Jungian coaching tools

Working with the shadow is a pillar of Jungian coaching. Shadow work taps into dreams and other expressions of the imagination to find personal keys in what’s been rejected or repressed. Akke-Jeanne will offer specific ways to find and handle this material.

 In this class you will get tools and techniques you can apply in your (coaching) conversations. 

Class 4 The Jungian Coach

In the last class, we will have a deeper look at the Jungian coach. How do Jungian concepts apply to the coach and their approach to life? What inner work and archetypes does the coach need to address? What about the wounded healer archetype?

By the end of this course you will

  • Engage in conversations that honor the individuation process of the other.
  • Apply these soul based skills and techniques in various conversations in personal and professional settings.
  • Be able to distinguish between the wishes of the soul and the wishes of the ego.
  • Include shadow work in your coaching conversations.
  • Describe what Jungian Coaching is and how it honors the ego-Self axis and the individuation process.


We here at Jung Platform want to make these programs available to anyone. If you would love to participate yet can’t pay for the full course, then please send us an email at [email protected] and describe why you feel you qualify for a scholarship, how much you can pay, and what you will do to help the Jung Platform promote this and other programs.

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