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Metaphors have the power to relate disparate worlds as well as body and soul. Stories are extended metaphors that allow us to explore our own narratives with a depth that classical literature promotes.

Dennis Patrick Slattery invites you into the study of metaphor and myth as openings into classic literature so you can see the depths of your unique narrative through the story’s ancient wisdom.


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Lecture Description

The nature and function of psychic energy was a mainstay in C.G. Jung’s psychology. As a consequence, I asked myself a few questions: How is it that culture’s energy fields ebb and flow? What is it in psychic energy that has the capacity to revitalize a people or an individual, and what devastation accrues when the flow is end-stopped, no longer capable of providing nourishment to its eager recipients? What counter forces drain an individual or an entire population of their psychic prowess? Finally, what role does inspiration play in revitalizing one’s energy? The essay then explores the ability of metaphors and symbols to carry psychic energy within a cultural field.

This lecture is ideal if

You are interested in:

  • The nature and power of metaphor and its relation to myth and mimesis.
  • Patterns in the psyche that reveal fundamental meanings for the individual in his/her growth.
  • Understanding of the nature of psychic energy and how it invests matter.


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