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The soul is both wise and creative, foolish and destructive. With this in mind, Dennis P. Slattery explores the vessel of creativity in each of us, and the wisdom both discovered and elicited by creative acts. This lecture allows you to connect more deeply with your own creativity, while giving you practical tools and exercises to help with the process.


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Lecture Description

In this inspiring lecture, Dr. Slattery will also share some tools to push your own creativity with the goal of helping you find your own personal myth and creative process. This lecture includes a downloadable Companion Guide with profoundly powerful writing practices developed by Dr. Slattery. It’s aimed at helping you integrate and apply what you will learn during the lecture.

Who would enjoy this lecture

The content of this lecture is very accessible and aimed at a general audience. You will enjoy this lecture and the companion guide especially if you are interested in:

  • The philosophy of a personal myth and how it expresses itself in your life
  • Expanding on and deepening your creativity
  • Finding practical ways and tools to support your creative process


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