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Violence has a voice and wants to be heard. But what exactly does violence speak to us about so we become more aware of it? And where does violence lurk within our normal calm and even person?

In this audio lecture, Dennis Patrick Slattery invites you to explore the deep, ancient energy of violence. And the voice it speaks in so you can consider who/what is speaking through violence in your own life.

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Lecture Description

This essay seeks to explore what violence is, who violence is, and what is speaking to us through violent acts? Rage? Insult? Bruised self-esteem? Wounded self-image? Feelings of exile? Feelings of powerlessness? Any of these and more you could name. 

Violence in all of its forms and intensities may be a ritual of sacrificing something or someone on more than a physical level. So we must ask: is violence sometimes or always a symbolic act? 

The essay traces how eruptions of violence today are reminders—memories even—of an ancient act of ritual sacrifice that may have brought consciousness into being initially. One writer will argue that consciousness is born in the act of killing. As acts of violence escalate in numbers, is it calling us to witness something we have lost sight of but need to retrieve?

This lecture is ideal if

  • A theory on the origin of violence and its relation to consciousness.
  • Illustrations of violence in contemporary society.
  • A discussion of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and the impulse to murder another.


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