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Writing Workshop: The Mythology of Belief

There exists a deep correlation or accord between what we believe and the myth we live by. Beliefs, like myths, need to be examined and revised periodically as we grow out of some beliefs and into new ones. So too with our personal myth; both need regular renewals. This course consists of a Friday evening lecture and a Saturday workshop.

Weekend Workshop
Early Bird Sale Introduction to synchronicity

Introduction to Synchronicity

Jung’s writings on the concept of synchronicity are some of the most exciting and most easily misunderstood aspects of his theory. Join Ken James in this examination of Jung’s ideas as he will reveal that synchronicity, for Jung, is the key to discerning the paradoxical unity of psyche and matter.

6 Class Course
Early Bird Sale

Swamplands of the Soul

There is a recurrent thought that the goal of life is to achieve happiness. Yet our own psyche frequently derails our fantasy and pulls us under into an emotional swampland. It is in such swamplands where the soul is fashioned and forged, character is tested, and values enlarged beyond the ego’s limited purview by the soul’s agenda.

4 Class Live Course
Early bird Sale From Surviving to Thriving

From Surviving to Thriving

This course is about the rebirth of the Future—it’s time to shine. Join world-renowned Jungian analyst, Robert Bosnak, as he will show you, after a year of shattering, how we can let ourselves thrive. He does so by providing an alchemical perspective on this rebirth of the Future.

10 Live Webinars
Early-bird Sale The Absent Father Effect on Daughters
3 Class Course

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Introduction to Individuation: Shadow

The shadow is one of Jung’s most important contributions to psychology and personal development. Find out why it’s important to engage with shadow, and why ignoring or repressing the shadow doesn’t work in the mid and long term

Video Lecture
Video & Audio Lecture

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Latest Articles

Where is the Father’s Gaze to a Daughter

Fathering reflects a universal symbolic pattern in the individual and collective, conscious and unconscious. We come into this world needing a father, his recognition and to be lovingly seen by him. We innately require a nurturing and caring father figure while his lack of presence affects a daughter’s mind, body and soul.

Decode Your Sexual Dreams to Improve Your Relationship

Sexual dreams can teach us a lot about our current relationship – and help us to change it for the better. Dream interpretation in the sense of “one dream image has one meaning for everyone” is a misleading way of looking at dreams. In fact, the only person who can really know for sure what his/her dream means is the dreamer.

Stand Alone

A woman dreamt she was to take care of her father. The meaning of this dream depends on the dreamer and can mean many things about the relationship with her father. Why is she to take care of him? What is the dreamer’s desire, and what are the implied wounds? Jung said, “The father is decisive in the destiny of the individual .”This quote reminds us of the value of a loving father for a daughter’s growth.