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Synchronicity is one of Carl Jung’s most famous contributions to psychology.

This phenomena of meaningful coincidences forms a guiding principle to navigate through life, as well as that it provides deep insight and questions about the nature of reality. 

In this beautiful high quality pre-recorded course Jungian Analyst and teacher Ken James will take you on a tour through the miraculous world of synchronicity. You will learn Jung’s ideas about synchronicity, modern insights that deepen our understanding of it, and it will be practical and with examples so you can see it in your own life. 

Number of Classes:

6 Classes

Class Length:

45 min - 60 min

Total Duration:

5 hours

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6 Video & 6 Audio recordings


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Course Description

The concept of synchronicity is arguably both the most popular and the most misunderstood of all of the concepts coming from the field of Jungian Psychology. The common definition for synchronicity, i.e., “meaningful coincidence”, easily becomes misapplied to any cluster of events that may dimly have shared significance or emotional impact. Whereas for Jung, synchronicity was seen as a means by which the human person can come to know that the two apparently separate worlds of mind and matter are actually two aspects of the same underlying reality. Jung’s notions about synchronicity challenge not only our self-understanding, but also our collective assumptions about the so-called outer and inner worlds.

In this course, participants will first explore the range and profundity of Jung’s classical essays on synchronicity. Following this, post-Jungian extensions and expansions of the classical type of synchronicity will be studied through the writings of several second and third generation Jungian analysts, revealing the continuing refinement of the field of Jungian Psychology as a clinical paradigm. Next, because they are so prevalent in the popular discussions of synchronicity, an expanded conceptualization of synchronicity as the co-occurrence of two external events linked not by cause and effect but instead by their shared and emotionally charged significance will be explored. Divination will then be studied as an example of evoked synchronicity, and deja-vu will also be covered as an example of what may be called “inverted synchronicity”: synchronicity in which the external event stimulates the recall of an inner fantasy (or memory) that corresponds in some way to the external event. Finally, an opportunity for participants to ask questions and further the discussion of this fascinating topic will be provided.

This course is ideal if

  • You want to understand what synchronicity is and why Jung thought it was so important.
  • You want to deepen your awareness of the connections between the psyche and the “external” world.
  • You want to clarify the relationship between synchronicity and traditions of divination.
  • You want to differentiate among various understandings of synchronicity, including the classical Jungian conceptualization (Type 1 Synchronicity), a more commonly accepted understanding of the phenomenon (Type 2 Synchronicity) and the psychological experience of deja-vu.

Course Overview

Class 1. Definition and Psychological Sources of Synchronicity
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In this class, the concept of synchronicity will be defined, and the functioning of synchronicity will be examined in connection with the process of individuation, including the relativization of the ego and an appreciation of synchronicity’s role in bringing consciousness to the Ego-Self axis.

  1. Defining Synchronicity
  2. Structure and Dynamics of Psyche
  3. Disclosures of the Unconscious and Synchronicity
  4. The psychological role of synchronicity

Class 2. Jung’s Writings on Synchronicity
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In this class, we will explore the significance of Jung’s essays on Synchronicity, and the ways in which Synchronicity can be understood within the Jungian model of the psyche.

  1. Classical mind/matter link (Type 1)
  2. Extended definition including meaningful “outer” coincidences (Type 2)
  3. The Role of the Ego
  4. Synchronicity as a means of Ego relativization

Class 3. Later Jungian studies of Synchronicity
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In this class, we will consider the expansions and extensions of the concept of Synchronicity found in post-Jungian writers including:

  1. Marie-Louise Von Franz
  2. June Singer
  3. Mark Winborn
  4. J. Gary Sparks
  5. John Ryan Haule

Class 4. Synchronicity and Divination in Jungian Thought
Available Now

In this class, we will explore the relationship between divination and traditional approaches to divination.

  1. Von Franz on Number and Time
  2. Von Franz Divination and Synchronicity
  3. Liz Greene on Astrology and Synchronicity

Class 5. Summary, Reflection and Recommendations for further study
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In this class, we will reflect on the content from previous classes, and examine the ways in which the notion of synchronicity is a critical element of Jung’s understanding of the psyche and reality.

Class 6: Webinar Recording
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In this class, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in a discussion of the phenomenon of synchronicity and its relationship to individuation.

By the end of this course you will

  • Be able to explain the similarities and differences between classical or Type 1 Synchronicities and Type 2 Synchronicities, evoked synchronicities and deja-vu phenomena.
  • Understand that synchronicity is the foundation for many methods of divination.
  • Understand the psychological impact of synchronistic experiences and their role is emphasizing the autonomous nature of the psyche.
  • Recognize the importance of synchronicities in helping to relativize the ego complex and furthering individuation.


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