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Discover the significance of Death and the Devil cards in the tarot

Dr. Kenneth James is a senior Jungian analyst, treasured teacher and a gifted tarot reader. In this spellbinding lecture Ken meets Death and the Devil as they make their appearances in various tarot decks. He shows us how these cards can help us let go of what no longer serves us and explore our bondage to illusions. We can find pointers to rebirth and liberation from addictions if we take a closer look at these scary figures when they pop up.

Find the courage to face Death and the Devil tarot cards with Ken at your side.

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1 class

Class Length:

40 min

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1 Video & 1 Audio recording




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Course Description

Death and the Devil tarot cards can be seen as tricky and troublesome cards when they appear in a reading. This illuminating on-demand lecture by Ken James offers an in-depth exploration of these two enigmatic cards.

Ken first considers the messages of the Death and the Devil cards from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. We learn how the image that portrays Death suggests a falling away of what no longer serves us. Only by dropping the old do we clear space for something new to be born.

The Devil, Ken tells us, is related to our daimon, the energizing life force that allows us to move into life. Yet clinging to anything beyond its natural life span creates bondage to illusion. The daimon then turns into a Devil of addiction and fear.

Ken next looks at how Death and the Devil have been portrayed in various tarot decks. Each tarot artist offers a new take on the challenges and blessings of these two demanding, and transformative, arcana.

This lecture is ideal if

  • You are a lover of tarot, beginner or advanced.
  • You are interested in learning about several interpretations of these tarot cards.
  • You want to find the transformative side of two tough tarot cards.

By the end of this lecture you will

  • See the assuring and promising details of the Death card.
  • Feel the call to dissolving bondage in the Devil card.
  • Enjoy the variety of renderings of these two cards by various artists.


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