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Hit the bull’s eye in your chart interpretations

In this course master astrologer Alexander Von Schlieffen shows us what to grab hold of in a natal chart. 

Von Schlieffen shows us how to find the starting place that’s unique in every chart. Then we learn how to proceed, slowly and surely, around the wheel.  Finally, we zoom out for a bird’s-eye view. Following Alexander’s lead, logic, lines and intuition turn flat glyphs into psychological landscapes.

Grasp the red thread that pulls a chart together.

Number of Classes:

4 Class Course

Class Length:

60 min

Live Times

8 am PT/ 11 am ET

Live Dates

June 13, June 20, June 27,
July 4

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Course Description

Alexander von Schlieffen brings joy to the complexities of astrology by imagining it as a game of characters, missions and settings. Each chart portrays particular alliances and rivalries, gifts and challenges, as well as difficult or pleasant terrains and tasks.

In other courses Alexander has addressed the specific skills of understanding the quadrants, the ascendant signs, planets, the sun signs, the elements, and aspects and figures. In this advanced course he helps us pull it all together and see what we can see. He shows us how to use our technical skills to play this board game artfully.

For Alexander, the silver bullet of chart interpretation is to spot what’s most essential and start from there. Alexander’s first step is to look at the empty chart to see which signs fall in which houses. Next, the ruling planet of the ascendant is placed in the chart. Everything follows from there. The rest of the planets are placed in relation to this starting point.

Alexander will give us many opportunities to practice and digest this method of chart interpretation.

Like learning to read a language or a musical score, the step by step process of chart reading takes time and attention to master. While a playful attitude fills the sails, repetition is the key to skillfully using the rudder of our knowledge.

With these skills in hand we’ll be able read any horoscope, whether it is a natal, horary or any other kind.

Enjoy pulling it all together, step by step, with Alexander.

This course is ideal if :

  • You´re looking for a step-by-step guide to chart interpretation.
  • You love to playfully combine logic and inspiration in chart interpretation.
  • You have some knowledge of astrology and want to put your learning into the practice of chart reading.
  • You are familiar with Alexander’s quadrant framework of chart interpretation.

Course Overview

Class 1. The First Steps

In the first session, Alexander will take a long look at the empty chart and then add the ruler of the ascendant. As a result of the information we get from the first step, we’ll know which planets to add, one after another. Later he’ll look at the midheaven and its ruler in the quadrants.

Class 2. Looking at the Quadrants

Once all the planets have been placed in the chart we will take a look at the emphasis of the quadrants.  This will help us understand the essential psychological motivation.

Class 3. Adding the Aspects

In the third class Alexander looks at the astrological aspects such as conjunctions, squares, trines and sextiles.

Class 4.  The Twelfth House and Nodes

In the last class Alexander takes a deeper look at the 12th house and the nodes.

By the end of this course you will :

  • Recognize the salient points of an astrological chart.
  • Describe how the most important elements of chart interpretation build upon each other.
  • Recognize character profiles and psychological motors in an astrological chart.
  • Have many examples of how to work through a chart.


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