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Find yourself through the planets and walk your path with stars.  

Archetypal Astrology holds many keys to who we are and what our purpose is. Master astrologer Alexander von Schlieffen brings these cosmic keys close enough to touch. In this stirring course Alexander makes our freedom within the order of the planets shine. He invites us to explore the stars, planets and houses of our chart as archetypes of life, soul and the cosmos.

Learn how to read the astrological x-ray of the real you and what you’re doing here. Feel the joy of discovering who you are with Alexander.

Formerly titled “Introduction to Archetypal Astrology”

Number of Classes:

9 On Demand Classes

Class Length:

60 min

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9 Video & 9 Audio recordings


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Course Description

We all want to have a guiding star in our lives. We want to feel that life is meaningful and our own life is, too. We want to be who we really are. We want to know what our purpose here is and to live from it. 

Our astrological birth chart holds keys to all of these issues. Yet to many of us a birth chart can look strange and intimidating.  In this compelling course master astrologer Alexander von Schlieffen opens up the language of astrology. With the joy of an artist he makes music of its symbols. He shows us how our personal chart is the key to creating within constraints.

Alexander grounds his astrology in an archetypal reading of planets, stars and charts. He helps us see a birth chart as a pattern of deep images that form the template of our personality. The place, day and time of our birth determine the color and concerns of the cosmic archetypes that shape us. For example, the Sun expresses archetypal forms of the King, leadership and the father. The Moon expresses the archetypal energies of the Queen, feelings and the Mother. Saturn marks where we need discipline on the path of individuation.

Over the course of 9 classes Alexander will explain the basics of archetypal astrology. You’ll learn about the attributes of the 9 planets and how they appear differently in the 12 houses of a birth chart.  You’ll learn how the houses fall into 4 quadrants that relate to the seasons of your life. 

Alexander will discuss the importance of the ascendent sign and how it relates to our life’s purpose. You’ll also learn about nodes; places in the chart that reveal karmic issues and what we need to learn.

Join Alexander in this joyful encounter with freedom and fate.

This course is ideal if

  • Identify the gifts and challenges you were born with
  • Explore how the Jungian path of individuation -process of psychological growth- and other psychological archetypes are expressed in the symbols of astrology
  • Explore what your birth chart says about your purpose
  • (Re)discover the joy and freshness of astrology
  • This course is for those already familiar with astrology as well as those that are new to astrology. Alexander will explain the basics about the elements of a birth chart. He will go beyond simplistic correspondences and approach the heart of astrological movements and meanings from an archetypal perspective.

Course Overview

Class 1. Introduction and Quadrant One

In this class Alexander introduces the language of astrology. You’ll learn about the four quadrants of the chart and how they are the foundation of a profound understanding of the Zodiac.

Quadrant One is about our vital energy, the physical body and our survival functions and tools. The missing element in this quadrant is water, because water undermines the survival of the individual.

Class 2. Quadrant Two

Quadrant Two describes the nature of our family and its influence on the development of our personality as a member of a tribe. The missing element in this quadrant is air. Air is the element that provides distance. We see in quadrant two that we hardly ever have intellectual distance to the people that we are emotionally identified with.

Class 3. Quadrant Three 

Quadrant Three shows how we relate to others, who we are looking for, what we expect from “the other” and how we commit ourselves to any type of relationship. The missing element in this quadrant is earth. Earth implies attachment and binding. The conflict between love and possession manifests in this quadrant. 

Class 4. Quadrant Four

Quadrant Four unveils our relationship to the outer world, the society and life on a global or a universal level. The missing element in this quadrant is fire. Fire represents our personal drive. It is missing in this quadrant because it is about the collective and world matters and not our personal willpower.

Class 5.The Ascendent and what it means and the planet Mars

The ascendant reveals our life purpose and the reason why we were born. The ruler of the ascendant is the most important planet in the chart because it shows where and how we want to manifest our life purpose.

Class 6. Sun, Moon, Mercury 

These are three of five personal planets. They symbolize the nature of our personality, the way we feel, and our intelligence.

Class 7. Venus, Pluto, Jupiter

These three planets reveal how we act in a relationship. Venus symbolizes our love ideal, Pluto shows if or how we commit ourselves and Jupiter symbolizes the optimism that keeps the doors open for new perspectives in a relationship.

Class 8. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

These transpersonal planets that reveal our relationship to society, the world and the cosmos. Saturn symbolizes our ability to be a responsible personality. Uranus is the networker and gamechanger in the zodiac, Neptune veils and unveils hidden realities.   

Class 9. Nodes

Nodes are about past and potential future life experiences. You can believe in Karma or not, an alternative interpretation to the nodes would be via epigenetics.

The South node shows our comfort zone, what we could consider gifts from previous lives. The North Node is your calling into unknown but deeply enriching experiences.

By the end of this course you will

  • Understand the basic language of archetypal astrology
  • Know how to find the most important features of a birth chart
  • Recognize the archetypal influences and images in astrology and how they manifest in a birth chart
  • Identify points and elements in a chart that indicate individual purpose, family influence and landmarks on the path of individuation


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