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Unfold your purpose with your astrological chart

In this first approach to astrology you’ll learn the basics of understanding a birth chart. In this on-demand course you will learn how to read what you came to do on this planet. Alexander von Schlieffen is an artful teacher who helps you approach the mysteries of astrology without being mystified. 

In four spirited classes he’ll teach you to balance the wheels of  the chart. Alexander helps beginners get a hold of the key symbols of Sun, Moon and rising signs. You’ll also learn and see how quadrants of the 12 houses shape the chart. This course is a clear and encouraging place for beginners to start rolling.

Connect the dots of your life with astrology. Let our artist teacher show you how. 

Number of Classes:

4 Classes

Class Length:

60 min

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4 Video & 4 Audio recordings


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Course Description

Almost everyone knows that their birth date determines their sun sign, one of the 12 zodiac constellations. Not everyone knows their rising sign. Even fewer people know what their moon sign is. Still fewer people know what quadrant of their birth chart their sun or moon is in. 

Renowned astrologer Alexander von Schlieffen will deftly show you how to find all these bits of gold in a birth chart. He’s studied with the best, has decades of experience and has developed an original, powerful framework. 

Alexander is also a painter and his zest colors his approach to the chart. He exuberantly presents the structure of the chart as organic, not mechanical. The sun, moon and rising sign come alive with meaning, unique to each individual. 

Alexander groups the 12 houses of the chart into four sections that reflect the four seasons. This quadrant framework matches the development of the human, from issues of becoming a separate being to family influences to choices of partners and relations with the wider world. He identifies what tasks must be dealt with in each phase. The cycles of the sky reflect that there is a time for everything. These cycles imply that our life is meant to keep unfolding. 

Alexander finds pleasure in using astrology to help people grow into who they’re meant to become. Share his joy and pick up the basic tools of chart reading. You’ll develop your insight, agency and acceptance by learning the ways of astrology.

Take your place on the planet. Learn how to unpack your birth chart so you can hold your purpose close and follow your North Star. 

This course is ideal if

  • Learn the basics of reading astrological birth charts
  • Deepen what you already know of chart reading with the quadrant framework
  • Learn an astrological framework that combines traditional wisdom with depth psychology
  • Learn from a talented, passionate teacher

Course Overview

Class 1. Introduction to the quadrant framework of astrology

The zodiac is subdivided in four quadrants, that are an equivalent to the four seasons. The quadrants are the foundation of the astrological language and provide a crystal clear structure to the whole chart. Each quadrant symbolizes a different way of being and relating to life:

First Quadrant (houses 1-2-3): Planets in this quadrant will deal with the issue of being a physical body. Also issues of what it means to have a specific vital energy, needs and survival tools. 

Second Quadrant (houses 4-5-6)  The life task here is how to be part of a tribe or family. How can we unfold our innate personality within a social environment that has its own particular culture?

Third Quadrant (houses 7-8-9) This quadrant concerns close relationships and projects that may take us out of our family or tribe. It is the quadrant of personal choices.

Fourth Quadrant (houses 10-11-12)  This quadrant brings us face to face with the results of our decisions. Planets here relate us to our social, political and natural environment. They connect us to the wider world and even the universe.

Class 2. The Sun in the signs and quadrants

The sun is the only star in our solar system and the only star in the natal chart. It is the male luminary that symbolizes the heart of our personality and reveals the way we act within a social environment. The sign of the zodiac that the sun is in shows the characteristics of our personality. The location of the sun in the quadrants shows whether we primarily relate to ourselves, the family, partners or the Zeitgeist in order to define who we are.

Class 3. The Moon in the signs and quadrants

The moon is the female luminary. It reveals the way we feel and create inner connections with others. Its zodiac sign shows the way we nurture ourselves and others. Its position in the quadrants shows what we need to connect with in order to feel safe.

Class 4. The Ascendent sign

The ascendant (rising sign) and its ruler are the most individual aspects of our chart. The ascendent reveals our personal life task, the “raison d’etre” for this life. If we do not live and express this task, our life becomes meaningless.

By the end of this course you will

  • Know the basics of how to read a birth chart
  • Be able to identify the sun, moon and ascendent signs in a chart
  • Know what the position of the sun in a chart reveals and what the position of the moon in a chart reveals
  • Know how to identify the ruler of the ascendent sign
  • Understand the natural progression of the quadrant house system
  • Appreciate the basic aspects of relations between the Sun, Moon, houses and quadrants


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