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Gift and Purpose: An African Shamanic Perspective

Have you ever felt like you’re in this world to do something specific or significant, but you don’t quite know what it is? This course invites you to discover the lens of African Wisdom traditions as a tool to explore and give expression to your unique Gift and Purpose.

5 Class Course + Bonus Class

Engage The Shadow: Free Summit

Free Summit
2 Class Course
Early Bird Sale Path of the Soul
3 Class Course
Early Bird Sale Swamplands of the Soul

Swamplands of the Soul (plus bonus companion guide)

There is a recurrent thought that the goal of life is to achieve happiness. Yet our own psyche frequently derails our fantasy and pulls us under into an emotional swampland. It is in such swamplands where the soul is fashioned and forged, character is tested, and values enlarged beyond the ego’s limited purview by the soul’s agenda.

4 Class Course
3 Class Course

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Love of Self, Love of Other

You wish to reflect on the nuances of marriage with the Other and of the sacred marriage–what Jung referred to as the hieros gamos.

Audio Lecture

Introduction to Individuation: Shadow

The shadow is one of Jung’s most important contributions to psychology and personal development. Find out why it’s important to engage with shadow, and why ignoring or repressing the shadow doesn’t work in the mid and long term

Video Lecture
Video & Audio Lecture
Video & Audio Lecture

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We carefully select our faculty members. They include some of the most soulful, embodied and respected teachers in their fields.

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We ask our teachers to provide examples, exercises, tools and companion guides where possible. To help you implement the insights into your daily life.

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We aspire to help you connect deeper with yourself, with fellow participants, with faculty members and with the Other World.

Latest Articles

Self Recognition

Our body’s deep sensitivity is calling us home. Yet home is not somewhere, some when, or something other than what is already wholly present now. Our true nature is not some inner state that will be found in the future. It is always here and now, unbounded by space or time. It can never be objectified.

The Essence of Your Inner Critic

The Critic evaluates your inner and outer landscapes. It propels you to take action with respect to your body and overall health, money, career, or relationships. Your Critic is very vocal in enforcing the rules of your early institutions, including family, church, and school. It is committed to your success by ensuring that you fit in.

Why Most Dreams End in Obscurity

For decades, I was enamored by dreams and faithfully recorded them, hoping for insight into what they were attempting to tell me. But, most of my dreams remained elusive in meaning.This changed at age 39, long after I had earned my Ph.D. in psychology. I was fortunate to find a gifted dreamworker who opened the astonishing world of dreaming to me. Here I share a few insights that have rescued my dreams from falling into obscurity.

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