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Activism reveals truth and character. Activism also takes the risk of disillusionment and grief, which can follow.

In this lecture, Jean Shinoda Bolen examines how imagination, creativity and activism are necessary for individuation, a Jungian concept of becoming authentically yourself or who you were meant to be.

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90 min

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1.5 hours

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Event Description

Imagination precedes change. Stories, role models, and dreams touch our soul and move our psyche. Activated passion and vision lead to creativity, healing, and activism on behalf of ourselves and others. Compassionate action is spiritual activism. 

Fierce compassion says, “enough is enough!” Outrage in defense of what and who we love is mother bear activism, or the protective masculine that finds the strength to rise up to save what we love, a precious part of ourselves or our world. 

It takes courage and love for a vision of who we could be, or what we could do – to catch fire.

This lecture is for you:

If you are interested in:

  • Discovering the power of your imagination and creativity.
  • Shaping your life in positive, empowering ways.
  • Finding personal meaning through conscious choices.
  • Discovering how to express activism through writing, theater, visual arts and films.


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