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Use your mind till you surrender it to love

In this free offering of the heart, Sufi master Alireza Nurbahksh contrasts western ideas of mindfulness with the Sufi remembrance of God. He tells us that love is what Sufism is all about. Master Nurbakhsh shares his discernment and Sufi love poetry in an hour that passes in the twinkle of an eye.

Sharp, playful, and a warm spiritual guide, Nurbakhsh opens the door to divine and human beauty. Take off your shoes and come in.

Number of Lectures:

1 Lecture


60 min

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Lecture Description

In this many-layered lecture, master Nurbakhsh starts with western concerns and slowly spins them around, driving our attention into love´s center. 

In the West, the practice of mindfulness and the development of a detached observer is often used for stress-reduction and health benefits. This is a morally neutral practice. In Sufism, the idea is to dissolve the observer into the unity of God.  The practice of Zekr, the remembrance of God, is very close to the practice of mindfulness. Here, the Sufi remembers God’s name through breathing. The more one gives oneself over to the zekr, the more one’s ego disappears and the more the divine attributes can shine through. 

While immersion in God is the ultimate goal, most people need to start with something tangible. Cultivating love towards one’s spiritual guide serves as a ladder to reach the divine. The seeker gradually learns, with the guide’s help, to direct this love to everybody and everything. 

Nurbakhsh names Rumi as an example of spiritual transformation brought about by the love of a spiritual friend. In Sufism, writing, reading and reciting love poetry is a natural expression of the spiritual urge. He recites from Rumi and shares his own love poetry. Alireza insists, it doesn’t matter who or what you love, but that you love.

Master Nurbakhsh ends by addressing some basic questions about Sufism. He affirms that remembrance of God is useless if you don’t put it in service to other people.

Dr. Alireza Nurbakhsh was raised in the heart of a Sufi lineage and is the master of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order. He also knows the ways of the West, having earned a PhD in philosophy in the USA and practiced law in England for decades. 

Spend an hour with this kind spiritual friend and learn to dive into the heart from the heart. 

This lecture is ideal if

  • Listen to the words of a living Sufi master
  • Learn about the similarities and differences between popular forms of mindfulness and the Sufi practice of Zekr
  • Hear master Nurbakhsh recite Rumi and his own original love poems

By the end of this lecture, you will

  • Have a feel for the Sufi and Persian approach to spiritual devotion
  • Glimpse the spark of love of service
  • Be introduced to the concept of Zekr, or the remembrance of God
  • Better understand the role of the spiritual guide in Sufism


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