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Improve the relationships with others and yourself.

Love is among the most exhilarating and challenging experiences that we encounter on our life journey. One of our most gifted teachers J.Pittman McGehee is taking you on a journey into the psychological dynamics of love. How can love become a vehicle for personal growth and the development of consciousness? How can love help you descend into the underworld where your complexes rule, and nudge you to engage in healing these wounds? Understanding the psychology of love will help you have better relationships with others and self. 

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45 min

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Lecture Description

When eros visits a person, the world changes dramatically. The ecstasy of love, and the pain of being confronted with the complexes that we all have. These complexes can be better understood when seen through the lens of the archetypes of Father, Mother and Other. 

In this lecture, Jungian Analyst J. Pittman McGehee talks for about 25 minutes about the psychology of love, and participants had the opportunity to ask him questions for another 20 minutes during the live Q&A session.

This free Lecture is also an introduction to The Psychology of Love by J. Pittman McGehee here on Jung Platform. The course is a collaboration between The Jung Center of Houston and the Jung Platform. Stay tuned!

This lecture is for you if:

  • learn to love more deeply
  • work and understand your own complexes better
  • understand how the archetypes of Father, Mother and Other influence our experience of Love.


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